Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Fellow Humans,

You could be the world’s best person on earth or the most talented individual. Who Knows, you might be the richest person born with a silver or even a Platinum spoon. But basically you are a HUMAN BEING. I earnestly request all of you to have that in Mind. A human being could be any one, A Girl or A boy, A male or a female, An Indian or a Pakistani, A maratian or a Saourashtrian, A Tamilian Or a Keralite, Rich or Poor! Never mind, of course all are human beings. There are certain values for Humans. The so called HUMANITY, COURTESY, KINDLINESS, HELPING TENDENCY !  Guys, Even if you don’t have the mind to help people in distress, just at least clasp your lips tight not to utter any sheer nonsense thing worsening the situation. I agree the society is litigious. You might feel like dragging your feet off the scenario than entertaining a helping hand under any emergency situation on road. It is more a legal issue. But I resolute you guys to act more virtuously than passing ludicrous comments. Remember, today It is someone on the road, yelling for a help due to an accident, and tomorrow it might be you shouting for an Aid or passing SOS messages!
Please try to be a good Samaritan or atleast encourage the helpful by – passers during an accident to be one, rather than encouraging grape wine communications! I agree, since you had not got the opportunity to step into a medical college, you missed the chance of being a gold Or even a platinum medallion in MBBS, MS or MD. But please hold on those innate traits with you for heavens’ sake. Let me reemphasize, your doctoral imaginary advises on a fluke is really worse than an extortion racket, that it loots the confidence of the accident victim.
But to start from the scratch, it is really absurd to make your vehicle’s tummy filled with fuel, to wear the helmets. Helmets are meant for covering human heads. Do not ensnare your helmets to the petrol tank. Instead enmesh it on to your head to safe guard the 1500 g of your grey and white matter inside the poor skull. Follow some decorum on the road. Remember it is the Road – a path for every one like you and me to commute from one place to other. Every one would have one or the other priority to use the Road ways to reach their destination, which of course is definitely not the Hell! This road is not a circus campaign to show off your heroism, neither is it an open Public Call Office, to talk to your cherries or sweet hearts or to your sunnies! Road is just for commuting! Do not make traffic and road safety a far cry here ! at times, there are situations in which a passer by hesitates to help an accident victim because every one feels the victim DESERVES it ! Yeah, I mean it, the victim would have really eaten the brains of people who watch him riding or rather Flying on a bike or clinging on the bus steps even the lizard would accept its defeat in front of him, and penultimately this makes people think he deserves the accident!
And if at all you happen to see an emergency situation or to put it plainly simple, a road accident, do try to help the people in pain. It might be them today, I reemphasize, either of your loved ones or you yourself might need an emergency help. It is not a negative impact or suggestion. The road rage in India is really having a lot of contributors, the fast zipping vehicles to the crawling cycle rickshaws, the snazzy cars to hefty trucks and even the cyclers and pedestrians add a lot to the rage of the road!
 Ladies, your ‘handie’ might have all kits for making you up in a glamorous way, and Dear gentle men, your back pack would have all wanted things to prove yourself be a gentle man!
But try to have a pair of sterile glove to cuff your hands when you try to help some one on road! A little note about ICE – Incase of emergency would really help any Samaritan helping you. Yup, one more thing to add on, you cal your father as pappu papa dada dai or even old man, but do save your parents contact number in mobile as father and mother or appa and amma. So that It is really easy for any one to find out  your parents’ name to keep them posted. Your ICE – Incase of Emergency, information should contain Very critical medical history about yourself, in case you are suffering from asthma, diabetes or related issues that needs to be taken care while people try to give you a medical emergency aid, your parents’ or first degree relatives’ contact information and your blood group, of course! Do carry this with you always.
Always expect the unexpected. Assure yourself for the best but again prepare yourself for the worst too! Drive safely!
Remember, while stepping out of your homes, you would have bid good bye and “SEE YOU” to your loved ones. A typical human being must always keep up his words!

Cheers ! 

From the pages of a Man’s diary who loves solitude!

This is how every day starts at my home for me. My mom lights up the conference heading the title of me getting married in other words me locked up in the name of a wed! My dad, He is an exemplary husband, a non chauvinist you know? He follows the footstep of her! Thus starts the day’s talk, eating up my head, giving me a head ache at the onset of a day that must have been splendid enough, had not been for these marriage talks!
This is how it starts with my mom, and Oh My Godd, She is really faster than Chiti – the Robot, in scanning yaar! She scans, mixes and matches, selects, scrutinizes and does all possible things on earth the moment she sees a girl pleasing her eyes! It will be my turn scratching my head so hard that even my grey matter oozes out of my skull, How come mothers alone tell the how abouts of a girl at the first sight! Next comes my dad in picture, with his chashme on, his pupil moving in all possible directions in the vitreous chamber, enlisting the girls’ horoscopical details that match with mine!
I was wondering seriously whether all parents on earth have really no other work other than asking their kids(!) to get married! Despite them enjoying(!) their umpteen years of married life, I seriously break my head, thinking, how can the mom or the dad do injustice to her or his kid(s), by suggesting them to go for a marriage! C’mon, you guys can even take this in a lighter vein too! Spouses really get at logger heads for all possible matters on earth except their kid’s wed lock arrangements! Sooner or later, almost all the current generation parents gonna be marriage assemblers is what I weirdly guess!
But one thing is what they are not able to understand. Girls are, under many circumstances, not forced to earn after their under graduations at the least whilst most of the guys are forced to take over a professional life, bidding farewell to their academics at their undergraduate level. Thus girls proceed with their higher studies, gain lot more of exposure. Oh Yea, I guess it is Neheru ji telling, Educate a female and you educate a society! I agree! But this education qualification plays a major role in contemporary periods wedding! A Masters’ Degree holder needs to be the mistress of a Master’s holder or a Doctorate! And this academicals is not alone the only qualification, the Master must have himself placed in one of the best companies in the world, with a high, higher, still higher CTC!
If all these things fit in atleast here and there, next comes the mega blast, he should have a house of his own! Rentals are restricted! Are Yaar, studying wadying business, career and above all this an own house, are guys’ fathers anytime money machine? If I trouble my dadda again, my sister will murder me when I am fast asleep! So I need to go for a housing loan from my office, to build a new house! EMIs, Rate of Interest, Tax exemption, Interest rebate all the commerce terms which sounded greek and Latin to me during my school days, I need to hear again! To finish of my housing loan, I need to see over time, part time and all time work! But the loan is so attached to me that it wont leave me atleast for ten years! And supposingly, if I marry, I cant refrain from being on a kid, saying a reason that, I have my housing loan to be closed! Once I work hard and close my housing loan, My kid will catch my collar and ask me, “ Dadda, Am going for special coaching classes apart from schools, So you gotta pay me this much (!) amount ( and that tution fee would be that much I Paid for my whole schooling!)” Again, I need to approach my office (the earlier one or a newer one! who knows! There is no job security too now a days!) for yet another loan! Loan after loan, for studies, home appliances, this and that, which and what! Penultimately, when I finish all my duties as a responsible father I would be in my late sixties and would have lost all my youth and enthu to enjoy my life or atleast live my life for myself! I would have developed all possible ailments due to stress and strain and would even have got diet constrains! Wuf! Unimaginable stressful life!

And for making me an indebted, should I marry and waste my life ? ?