Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Knotty Issue !

My dear son,

I am your mother speaking. I know you love me all the more than any one in this earth. But at the same time you hate me to the core when I talk of your wedlock issues. It is you who made me to tell Wedding/ Marriage as Wed Lock.

Are you able to sense, how sad me and your dad feel when we see guys of your own age, or why, your close friends visit us with his child and wife ?  You get engrossed in playing with the kid. But it is we who experience the heart ache, seeing you as a lone solitary reaper!
You know what, you were initially afraid of coming out of my womb. It was a herculean task to bring you into this world. I faced the risk at the cost of my life. So did you. And when you came out to see the world, your eyelids were sealed with each other. Your stomach was not pumping up and down. We had to put you into the incubator. But with in twenty eight hours, a day and little more, you proved to us you are fit to survive in this world. When you started walking, you feared of falling down, but you became a racer!
When you were put in school, I still remember your swollen red face with eyes drowned in tears .every stage of life was a challenge to you. And you had won in every challenge that you faced in life. Life is not modern and all. Life is life all the time. Just accept and understand that.
What makes you think the word marriage by heart is a burden in your life? Are you afraid of girls? Don’t tell me yes. I am a lady and you have your sister too! Are we not ladies? Are we harming you in any ways ?
Do think on this topic and realize, life is really incomplete without a marriage. We can not always, as parents, come with you till the end of your life. Life after marriage would be really beautiful to live. Me and your dad felt contented after you were born to us. We rejoiced your birth as you are the embodiment of our love and affection, the happiness we shared between us. We rejoiced because you gave meaning to our life.
I am sure you would also rejoice and cherish every moment of marriage and your life as a family man, than being a single eligible bachelor. I wish you read my letter to you, and take wise decision in this knotty issue.
Love u My Son,

With love,

Your Mom.