Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Unposted Letter to My Angel . . .

My little one,
I could hear your teeth making noise when you find me calling you a little one, despite you being an entrepreneur or a “Woman” of Professional etiquette. But, you are, a little one to me, my darling daughter.
You know what, you made me to write this letter to you. Moreover, where you are put up? Abroad? Out of towns? Off country? No! Just the room next to where I “Live” Yes, I could hear you answering official calls, sometimes, banging the door with a big thud ! However, My angel, you do not have an ear to lend me for some times. All you say to me is, I have been talking too much of recent! And, You, the Gen Y, have not got time to answer all my sheer stupid questions that I used to bombard you with.
Generally, Dads and daughters are known to have lots of laughter’s over a coffees, around the kitchen tables, the drive from school to home or the other way round, but surely a decade or more to chit chat! We both, did have some, meaning, very little time for that ! I, being held up at work place and you were sent to imbibe with lots of activities to fine tune you! Still, at the end of the little chats that we have, warming our fingers with the coffee mugs, hearing hard lovely words from my better half into our ears, I would love to see your eyes blinking like a bunny rabbit when I try to give a piece of mind to you! Oh My, You, reacting as if what ever I had been talking to you was in Greek And Latin, was the loveliest sight I ever Had witnessed.
Might be, more than two decades ago, my heart jumped with joy on the very thought of having a daughter! I was equally joyous, happy, excited, ecstatic and equally worried of the fact that would I be a Best or even a good father to you! But, when you came strugglingly out of  your mom, and when I saw you wrapped in a tower, you as soft as petals of roses, all the fears and confusions crumbled and I realized I am going to love you more than what you can comprehend! I just realized having a daughter is as blessed as visiting heaven! You are just as sturdy as everyone is, you are a force to be surmised with, a soul who dwells with passion and life as same as any man around!
Slowly the wheels of time started rolling on and on! And, I started to grow up with you! I realized it the best moments when you grab the coffee mug from mommy and give it to me as a wake up call with a hug, you would even yell out applauding me when I very shortly, just at the knack, escape a hit from your mom J or what ever. It is more a cliché to me now, and it was not so long when we both tried to wake up your mom by banging doors or increasing the TV volume or dialing up each others’ mobile to ring up! As you grew up, both of us were been bestowed with lots of responsibilities, that the time of spending with each other slowly reduced. Still, your presence, your very movements around the home, atleast on the weekends kept me going!
You started taking reins in the various aspects of your life. And then, all I could do is just to gleam with pride, telling that angel is MY daughter! There were times when you knew me as a strict father, a perfectionist, who needed a infallibly a flawless finish in every thing you do, and when It did not happen, you were pale with the fear of getting beaten up black and blue. But, believe me, I did not mean to hurt you! I just wanted you to take care that your social etiquette is well built!
It was so good to see you stepping out of your high school, grad college and post graduated too with flying colors. Then, in those days you had much time to spend with me. We talked on many things and nothings. You used to share all the “Applications” that you used to receive. And I had so much of patience to answer all the silly, snaring questions that you used to ask more patiently! You had even snapped at me when I told you to be on less make ups!
And, Lo and Behold, In the blink of the eye, you have grown up to be a woman, an entrepreneur, who travels all around the world. And, I, still that senile old man, who cherishes the joy of seeing his daughter winning laurels! But, at the bottom of my heart it is aching to know that you have got no time to “TELL” your success to me! You had been busy enough that you have stamped me as an iconoclast, asking hell a lot of questions to you! You get irritated when I tell you, My little one! You are not ready to understand that, you never could grow out of my heart! I wish, you really do find “TIME” for me, to have atleast a part of our good old days back!
I am closing, all I would want is you to know this, I love you with all that I have.  I am exceptionally proud of you. I might sound selfish, but I ain’t!
Love you,
Loads of love,
Ur Dadda

PS: I dedicate this post to my first hero, My dadduppa, and all those who had given me daughterhood and love of fatherhood, CRR Appa, Radhakrishnan Achcha, and all. Thanks to N.C.B sir who shared his experience to write this one!