Sunday, October 05, 2014

Conditionally Unconditional

To those who wanted to know what on earth the most beautiful thing is, here just read the following. If your senses are stroked or adrenalin gushes out, sorry, that is not my piece of cake. J Priorities down the list does not matter, for, penning down every micro thing that brings a mega smile, curving those rosy buds broadly up, is worth it !
Down the lane, when the sky blesses the earth gently and the trees give in ecstatically to their lover, dancing around more gently, the dried unable to leave their nestled nidus, fall down at the feet, pleading the roots to take them back to fertilize them, and YOU ! ! Yes, YOU, mark your footprints down the lane; you imprint your foot upon the sands, amidst the dried leaves, amidst the soft petals that just kissed the earth, the chiller breeze, the dusking sky, a soothing music that makes you feel the renderer of it close to your heart, no matter you are poles apart ! ! Turning back, Slowly, Very slowly, you just realize that your quivering body is soothingly embraced by your loved one! The one, whom you had been missing, missing the very proximity of her/him, missing that warm hug, missing the husky voice that makes your soul complete, the squashy “I Love You Da” lingering right royally into your ears, the incubated arms of your loved one around your waist, softly, gently hugging you passionately! That IS BEAUTY! That is HEAVEN ! You will realize, Heaven is so smaaalllll but will be perfectly fit in to hold you as such, when you look into the eyes of your loved one! You will realize with real Eyes, that, the Soul is clinging to the lip tip and that JOY, when your loved one’s lips hunt for your fore head, planting a kiss that holds your loved one’s soul! You will never know that your love is reciprocated, reciprocated so much ! Soooo Muucchhh that you had never guessed even in your wildest dreams! That Ecstatic moment, you would never want to know, what on earth is the status of you or your loved one! That very minute, every damn thing, would be a mere number just a mathematical stoke or an Alphabetical curve!  All that matters is the TIME your loved one has sanctioned you with, a most important part of life, that could never be got back! You need to take every step not to make your loved one regret for sharing the un returnable part of your loved one’s life! All that matters is the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that you both share that minute! It would be dark around you as the shying sun would be slyly disappearing to make love with the sea goddess, being tempted upon witnessing the love that you both made! But YOU will tell, the darkness has not come yet! Why?! The gleaming smile of your loved one would shine so bright, so bright bringing out a joyous pearl out of your eyes that is simply priceless! You would understand that your fingers are clasped tight with that of your loved one’s, palms patting your back so restfully, assuring the very presence for life time, making your head rest upon the broad shoulders, cajoling you tenderly, relaxing your shuddering body! And be it a pearl of joy or an outburst of longing, Heaven is then, your loved one kissing the tears away your dried cheeks!
Life is beautiful, more beautiful than you think, than you expect it to be! Professional etiquette is important but passion, a small cherished circle, where YOU are always fallen hard for, is far more important! As a contemporary writer rightly told, none is going to remember your promotions and your power point presentations during your funerals! Spend time for your loved ones! Get to know that there is a joy in being the same to your loved one, sharing a love, which will EXACTLY remain the same, yesterday, today tomorrow and years to come! Unbreakable by any of the allegations, years turning on and on, you growing younger and younger, but your love for your loved one will never break up! Transgressions don’t matter! You trust your loved one; you forget or forgive every damn misdeed of your loved one, hiding your scars that your loved one makes, beneath! Unconditional Love is more like a gesture that only the giver benefits! Yeah, you read it right, only the giver benefits from it! But, so does the receiver, when he/she realizes how good it is to be loved. Understand the joy of submitting yourself to your loved one! Life is beautiful when conditionally unconditional love is shared!
Final Touch: There is definitely something stamped as unconditional love but not every human on earth can love unconditionally and not everybody enjoy the joy of being loved unconditionally. And problem catapults when some confirmation to their goodness is what your loved one needs and you refrain from assuring it!
PS: Love n Kinship are never synonymous! ! ! Please do not confuse J