Sunday, November 23, 2014


Between the two phases of birth and death, sputters the so called life. And, in this phase, you meet, catch up, people of different types who take you across a varied spectrum of relationships. Once in a while some of us crank up our brains and attempt to understand things like GOD, Prayers, Love Life, its beginning and some crazy crappy known and unknown facts, let us not narrow down so cheaply discussing people!  There are lots of thoughts lingering in my mind struggling with my nerves to give a labour pain so that they are born to the outer world. Some how I managed to get my laptop, start keying in all the damn thoughts that run through my mind, holding on to the craziness, trying to make a coherence and cohesion of what all have come on the screen! Sometimes, it so happens that you would have nothing to say but wanted to say something. Cool, this is something that I face quite often. Let me here write to you how a perfect weekend should be! Let me start from Friday!

"Caution: You are entering a HIGH Imagination Zone, and you shall not step back till you are allowed to"

TGIF is the first word your lips mutter when you wake up on a friday! Having experienced a long week so far, your every tissue begs for a serene resting time that obviously is the weekend! It is a Friday, with the chills in air blowing right across your windowpanes, You shall not think the weather is only the reason for you to be lazy. You are enraptured, seeing a squirrel by your window side, the coconut tree curving its branches to welcome its Breeze lover, the mobile right next to the pillow ringing out softly the voice of your favourite singers! And you remain wondering, gosh why does this not happen during the beginning of the week to get you going. You badly want your loved one by your side, to share the bliss. Alas, the clock just shows 5 -ish in the early morning! Still, you are managing to grab the mobile that had been giving you a sweet music overnight and still unexhausted, ping the number that you wanted to...
"Nee powrnami endrum en Nenjille" You hear Dasettan singing on the other side, its your dedicated caller tune! And there, your rosy lips broaden up! There comes a crazzyy Squishy Hellooo daa.. to which your reply of Love you sweet heart fetches you a "Love you morree". You are feeling that signal transducing all over your nervous tissues, letting out a diastolic pressure in heart!
So, with that start, you get ready for the day! A few minutes' travel has taken you to a Guild of service, where you are helping for the differently abled kids, you are rhapsodic! At your work place, with the same spirit you try and hunt for words to wrap up a report that is unfinished so long but you are not able to!Thanks to your filing, you manage to have a coherence with the previous' week
s report and finish your job! Oh yeah, the weekend has come and two days of time for your own self! Walking back home with a feel of being over the moon, you let the aroma of those cooked stuffs to be sensed at your cuboidal epithilials! The clock's hands has done so much of magic that it looks to you as if it swirled soon taking you to the late evening where the tired sun made its way through the sky to its nestle, letting the moon's rays kiss the lotus! As the moon marks its presence, fills your soul with the radiance, you try to fill the memories of your loved one, you take a road to travel to pop up at a officially personal meeting! Bless you is what your lipps mumble when your mobile screen shows your loved one's picture indicating her/his dialling up you! Back to square one is what you feel, ravished by the voices from the other side. Finally, you get to have private moments with all your loved ones individually. When the most special of all your loved ones, shouts at you, calling you crazy fool, for your trip, to pop up at the place where you are destined to, your heart lets out a silent cry! " I know You wont hear this silent cry. But let me answer you in person if blessed, sooner !" Yes that is your heart speaking to your mind! You see, you are not lonely in the night but the moon accompanies you equally sleepless! Hey you are not qualified to read stars, moons or planets, but you can easily capture them in your eyes and send the vibes that are shared onto words! A shrudder runs through you on the very imagination of spending time with your loved ones. It is the most awaited Day. You hang out with your loved besties, make the event that is supposed be, a simply grader one allowing it to eat only half of the Day! You ping your loved one so that you wanted to meet her/him at their places. You are shocked to witness the complete evacuation of your loved one at the place where your loved one live in. And finally, you are realizing that you had confused the addresses of your loved ones, perfectly and now with a pumping heart, that would even pop out of your mouth, you knock the right doors of your loved one. A minute of stand still, unexpected presence, the guilt of yelling at you, the feel of missing you, every thing, every little thing is been noticed by those two eyes of yours, from your loved one's whole physique! The egos crumble, tempers subside when you hold your hands out to embrace your loved one but before that you realize you are warm, embraced soothingly, with so much passion, and you are in your loved one's arms... Now, with that sheepish smiles on your lips, you slowly, moaning - ly mumble, "Yeah, I am mad - mad on you and hence took this pain staking travel - for this very hug!" Wuff! Words are boycotted - finding no place, but eyes are active speaking to each other . . !