Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Musically Yours - Srinivas(Singer)

So, to all of us, in one form or the other, we have Music in our life as an inseparable part! It so happens that we start wall postering for our beloved ones, “When I miss you I listen to That Song that makes me feel you and Miss You More!”  So much is the space that we have for music! To many of us, we have perfect keep sake that makes us feel proud of having lived in few person’s era! Unlike all of us, I too have a bigger list, in fact, and I deem it to be a real blessing to have just existed, should I say, in the times of such great - greater and the greatest people! And here is the list, the Musical Synonym Shri.MSViswanathan, Stupendous Scientist Prof. Umaa Shanker Raman, The mandolin man  - Amarar.Srinivas, the Cricket Supreme Sachin(though I dunno much of that holy game, I’d love to watch it just for this master!), The Perfect poet Amarar.Vaali, Ever Vibrant Vinay ji, Scientifically Significant Sujatha sir, my all time beloved magical Stellar Musician Srinivas Sir or Vasu Uncle, the Celestial invocation - I hope shall rightly fit perfect -  Shri KJYesudas, the soulful Chitra ma,  Splendid Science - Dr.APJ Kalam, A writer of humankind - Muthulakshmi Amma, Memory Master Dr.Reddy, (Definitely a prioritised Order) the list goes on ! Oh, now let me tell you, I would love to stay behind, at this level as such, for, many of you might be thinking that I should be adding HH Ravishankar or HH Parthi Sai Ram or whom so Holy ever for that matter as “TOP PRIORITIES”! Apologies to disappoint you, definitely in this list, I shall have these people, but may be somewhere near the bottom – Coz, my very little knowledge in spirituality had never allowed me so far to write about them!
This magical stellar Musician as I rightly said, Srinivas  Doraiswamy or Vasu Uncle as how things started off too informally (he was kind enough to accept “Uncle” and never insisted on a “Sir”)  is a marvelous man that the musical industry has got! Every time, when I hear him, I feel he should have born with a tag, “Musically Yours”! Dare I say, His soulful voice will definitely fill our souls with a stellar energy! Pure bliss is what you feel, while hearing him singing “Kadhal thaaimai irandu mattum Baaram enbadhei ariyaathu! Smiles of love is what your lips will have while hearing him singing “Undhan Nizhalarugey Oivugal Eduthiduven.Idhu Kaadhal Illai..Idhu Kaamam Illai.”! Tears of pride are what your eyes will shed when you hear “Mouname Unnidam Antha mownam thane azhagu”! Yeah, this Engineer turned Musician had crafted every chord, every pitch, and every note of every song that he had rendered so musically that you just fall hard for it! Lo and behold, if music were a Religion, I would listen to Srinivas as well!
We all have/had/have had a BIG DREAM! Some of us dared not to follow it; some of us would have knocked at the doors of our dreams and would not have waited for the doors to open! Some of us, hurt by the thorns or stones while treading our way to chase the dream, leave the dream - a dream and just dream of the dream alone! This man should have realized that slippers just existed when thorns pricked his lotus feet, started pursuing his dream, persistently with so much of perseverance! I always keep wondering how the reactor mind of  his generated a grand positive feedback with 100% efficiency, under all conditions, giving us perfect musical treat from time t = 0 to t tends infinity! (Lol, Thanks to those hard Chemical Engineering principles and Heat transfer operation classes during my college days ) He is no ordinary Man I shall say ! 

Srinivas - 100 Expression - 1
             When I keep reading about this man who had gelled himself with music so beautifully, I never know from where that gleam of pride, the ray of shine come and just stay with me! Every interview that I had seen or read of him, makes me realize that he is such a humble, down to earth and lovely friend to be with! Oh yeah, I do have a firsthand experience, him replying or “Liking” to every little post that I put on his fb walls, there he proves how humane and simple he is!
Perfect joys are when you have a partner to listen to Vasu Uncle and to me I have a whole bunch of fans in my cherished circle!

           The top is my Aunt, this sixty five years old lady would always love to hear her Sri’s voice always! And, she can never resist in grabbing her mobile phone, punching in my number, screaming in that ecstasy of having heard him, “Hey Gaana, Sri padaraa ### TV channel podu” and I would never mind to snatch the TV remote from my poor Dadda who would give a bewildered expression as if I had gone seriously mad or what! This aunt and niece conversation will continue till the program gets over, Oh C’Mon Never mind of the advertisement breaks, for, it is during then we both will talk how beautiful his expressions were. The most forgettable interviews of him was the one with MJ.Shriram! Most of the time, this celebrity leaves you confused, whether to hear him or see him! OMG, Cant even imagine those expressions his face give! A perfect feast for your ears, eyes and soul as well!
Srinivas - 100 Expression - 2
When Uyire Movie hit the screens, I should be in my tens, I guess! That was when I started getting addicted to the adorable voice! Those were days when you never knew what those lyrics meant; all that mattered was the super cute joy of listening to his voice; just his fantabulous voice! Google God or the Yahoo Upa Devatha was not affordable, all that was affordable was AIR or Pepsi Ungal Choice or those local Channels entitling “Manam Virumbuthe” That was when I had my sweetest partner in listening to him My sweet Granny! Her peculiar tastes of music did give some space to listen to “Srinivasan””(Don’t ask me how that "an" came in, for my granny, I am sorry I dunno@) She would help me in getting connected telephonically to the VJ hosting the show, ask for the song to be played for! And Oh, yeah, she too would sit next to me until the song was done with!
Srinivas - 100 Expression - 3
           Next partner of mine, who is more equal to a partner in crimes like bunking classes and going for projects, to put it precisely right, is Keats, My “Bestest” buddy! I had intoxicated her with the “Srinivas Syndrome” and many other syndromes for that matter, Holy Smokes, whenever she is given any gadget with an internet connection, she straight away asks the Google god to take her to the YouTube angel to whom she asks for the gift “Srinivas Performaces Live – Srinivas songs – Timeless classics” etc etc.. and Lo, the angel grants this gurl her wish and she will “Load Down’ everything to her Memory Disks, for, she needs to show off the next day that she had got so much of collections and I had less than that!
Srinivas - 100 Expression - 4
        When Keats was my Grad school partner I had Kavi as my Mid/High school partner for the Srinivas Crush Club! ( Oops, Please take the name a bit lightly! We were in our teens, you know! ) Every tea break or lunch break would not have gone by without discussing Sreeenniivaazzz! Trying to have an imitation session of how he performed this song, that song and all that! Betting on the lyrics, the male or female version! Azhage Sugama was THE most played song that won me so much of chocolates! Man, no formula was clinging on to my finger tip as this Song had :-)

Srinivas - 100 Expression - 5!!!
            Every time when his album is released or every time when his song is heard by me, you can fetch me, honestly, in tears of pride! There are some people in this world, whom we might not know too personally, but we shall always feel that they are close to our hearts and for no condition, we shall share that unconditional love - never minding if they realized or what; keep them in our daily prayers; have so much of reverence and respects for them, or whatever! And to me, one of the very few, is Srinivas! God should have realized that not all males can express their love via music or at least He should have understood that He himself needs one to express and that is how we must have got Srinivas on this planet earth! Though in the initial stages of his entery in the industry, his very name might not ring an instantaneous tring tring unto our minds as a singer, now, right now, this minute, just upon hearing his name, so many “true” adjectives queue up in your mind to portray him as a melodious singer, an ardent lover of music and all that, for the stunning Musicianship he has got!

           If you are nostalgic or have that urge to listen to music of Srinivas or even if I had intoxicated you too, with the "Srinivas Syndrome", here I leave you to fetch your head phones, plug it right into your ears, click on to any of his rendering, just close your eyes, and you are in that hot line to feel divinity, a pure bliss!

Cheers and Happy aMusi(KI)NG!

PS: I am not a "Professional" writer! But definitely I AM a writer by "Passion" . If you feel there needs to be some acknowledgements mentioned, I would only mention the Hero for this piece of writing - Mr.Srinivas Doraiswamy, whose musical journey had given me so much to feel and write! Nonetheless, I shall dedicate this post to all those crazy fans of him, across the globe!

Pictures Snapshot from Airtel Super Singer grand Finale telecasted in Vijay tv