Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nostalgia #2

The first year had the sema starters - ground subjects and common subjects like Phyics to be applied with Mohan sir, communications skilfully delivered by Radhakrishnan sir, Parimam handling how Chemistries were applied again, little of programing done by Punieetha mam, Electrically engineerng us to listen to her, was the effect by Krithika mam, meddling up with mathematics was made easy by Mohan sir, Nano stuffs with Mani sir, EnviSci with Padmanaban Sir, EGD with some mechanical faculties, never knew the name so far!! Now, these were just the starters, of the four years' life! 

Here is the main course, The straining classes (definitely for the lecturer to manage me) on how to stain microbes by BB mam, the application of maternal inheritances and its biological significances by Ramya mam, the tantalizing structures and of course, the impositions in the Biological aspects of the chemistry that worked out between me and SRS mam, the DNA – duplications and replications – trying to understand at molecular level with Nadhiya mam, technologizing stuffs with computers with Puneithaa mam, the instrumental areas with Premelatha mam and plant rearing up with Poongothai mam, euphoric state of equilibrium and the enzyme heats and stokes explained by Kappu mam, getting into the animal cells with Selvi mam then trying to know how they stemmed out to be cancerous from Subbiah sir, yummy yummy foodie sessions with Anitha mam, those reactors alarming your mind giving a neutral feed back with Arul sir, Ramesh sir, Gnanavel sir and Sriniwash sir, engineering the process with HoD after ethically speaking with Balki sir you try to be bio entrepreneur thru Arul vel sir, the trials about clinical aspects with Muththiah Sir!

The full course meal ends with fortune cookies like, practicals, projects and mini projects, reports and thesis! Oh My, references, results, observations, records and all that! 

Now, for the desserts, you had seminars, conferences, inplant trainings, symposia etc., 
The whole full four year course meal also had some gala sharbaths like Annual day celebrations, culturals and those jolly well Industry visit named tours!

It was time when we were just out of teens, squirming in our classroom desks, swanking through the corridors when a junior pass by, crumbling again if it were a senior who would put all your strutting to rest! It was one of those ties when you really wanted to zone out of the department for having done too much on you! There were those lazy Saturdays and sundays, tannings happening at the quad, sleeping in the class, Caught for eating in the class, transforming the class room to a place where every thing else was possible, except attending the classes! Every thing else – the sorority dresses, placement formals, labcoats, Hair dos!

The entire organic healthy feast to our batch was that our college went autonomous, and we happened to be the first set of autonomy! Anonymously, so much of changes, it took time for ALL OF US to understand what was happening or what to be done! Even politics had laid its hand on the educational system, that it does change the affiliations or even the university name as such! We never knew either we were affiliated or autonomous, or STAND ALONE!! Semesters or trimesters? Those class committe meetings and BoS meetings, Interactions with the HoDs, Princi about the new "Change" in the curriculum, every thing sounded Greek and Latin then! out of blues, you would be asked to chose an "elective" !

Wuff, ! after having cleared  all these stuffs, write the very last theory paper, there was this joy of doing some thing that was supposed to be unbelievable to you, graduating without arrears but with a distinction! I too had that moment of awe, finishing up all the exams, hanging out for a cinema, treat, a theme park and all that with my besties ! I never remember giving a sigh of relief of having stepped out of the college, but, a sudden feel of fear, a lacuna, a loneliness, started filling in my mind! Tummy started twitching and turning, a strange feel of. . .

… to be continued…