Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nostalgia #3

Tummy started twitching and turning, a strange feel of.., Something something un expressable… I was about to say Goodbye to the place where I lived, where I created memories, where I enjoyed , where I had caved in, where I grew up! I was about to bid with shedding tears, to those places which had seen me smile, which had heard me laugh, which went damp with my tears, which were kissing away my tears!

There were days that were long, short, jolly good and splendid, all - all at the same time. I had many friends who hung over, some had even hung up, we cried. we laughed, we fought, we supported, we loved, we went naughty, we roamed, we escaped, we got scolding, we researched, we made friends with, we slept during class hours, dozed and fell down during an ongoing lecture, We witnessed a campus that go from barely any to hundreds, to thousands and hundred thousand! The campus bore so much of children like us. We flooded into the deserted canteens, the uninhabited laboratories, the sound free class rooms, the hidden seminar halls! We infected all the others with smiles, carrying a pride that we were from the Biotech Department! We showed off as if we were the only folks on earth to carry out researches! We still managed to prove we researched! We had a gleam of pride to flick our collars to say that we were bestowed with the best bunch of teachers! We fought over being a pet to one or the other lecturers! This four years was that span of time which felt like, it is for ever ... we We WE WE WE WE WE . . .! The We was those 41 more muskeeters who made my life at KSR CT more meaningful!

I realized I had 'grown up'. I reckoned on the very last day, that, the department of biotechnology at KSRCT was more than a mom to me in my life. I understood, my eyes were sweating, when I stepped in to the Microbiology lab and the laminar flow chamber for 'One last' moment. I conjectured I had the best time of life in this four years. I surmised that this was that department which watered my love for biotechnology. I felt the tears welled in my eyes, then dripping from my cheek to chin, when I had to witness the last locking up of the microbiology laboratory! I still remember, asking the junior friend of mine, Prabhu suppose, to lock it up, only after I left. I understood that I am not going to be at logger heads with the HoD any more, I understood, I am not going to concept on very many Science facts and lacunae, with the team of staff members any more. No more sessions of doubts, no more scolding sessions, no more enjoyments!

I definitely had to mention, had it not been those good bunch of staff panels, I would be worse than what I am now. And if it wasn't for those four amazing years I spent at KSRCT - DBT, I would not be writing this article which you are reading now. I would not be able to know what a lab was. I would never had become a Scientist, I would never have known what research was. I would never had known how a laboratory must be! I would never be able to give you some piece of mind, I would never have started my career with a biotech FMCGG, I wouldn't have a job. I wouldn't have my amazing friends. I wouldn't have the memories.

If it was not for Punieetha mam, I would never have known to handle people, I would never have known informatics. She was one of the few who was more than a teacher, a mentor, a guide, a philos, or fit in any good splendid adjectivized noun for that matter! Dear mam, Lemme tell you, now, I jus love you for everything that you had done to me! I am proud even now to be associated with you in one way or the other! 

And if it was not for those people, need I to mention, Anitha Mam, Kappu mam and all , I would never have known how an observation ought to be done. Had it not been for SRS mam or Ramya (Jee) Mam, I would have never known how to handle situations unbiasedly, being so very diplomatic! Nadhiya mam's PAGE works do need a very very special mention here! Oh yeah, Balki sir’s paper works, definitely was an eye opener! Those crazy mathematics sessions with Mohan sir brought to lime light about mathematical modeling, which is now one my my favourite areas of interests in my CV that runs for pages! Had it not been for Arul sir, I would have never known what patience is, what practicability is! Was it not for Sriniwash Sir, I would not have built in tolerance level and little more confidences!

I was also the apple of very many eyes at the Science and humanities department! The department which had too much of Einsteins, Ramanujams and Mendeleevs, Shakespears and T.S.Elliots! I just enjoyed the splendid time with Radha krishnan sir's discussion, Physics talks with Mohan sir, Mani sir, Chemistry HoD R.P sir, Palaniappan sir, Geetha mam, Mallika mam, CC sir, and Whew, that was again one department where I felt at home! However, only a couple of people handled classes for me, NO one at that department was a stranger, or I should put it this way, I was stranger to none! :-) Again, but for the S&H team, I would have lost my smiles and laughter; I would have even gone not enjoyed a quality time on discussions and idea sharings!

It was not just the classess……..

… to be continued….