Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nostalgia #4

Nostalgia #4

And, It was not the classes alone that I took, which has shaped me! Something more than that! It was those corridor discussions, those naughty and sincere friends, those benchmates, the Project mates, the lunch times, the IV's, the extra classes, those very many mistakes that I had committed, Keats, Ayub Guhan, Sandy, Jithesh, Mukhs, Amina, Gowri and all - each and every one of those 42. 

I was even blessed with a very very good bunch of seniors, Sathya, Nishil Bhayya, Sho ka, Ravi Shankar,Tharani ka, Shyam Sundar, Anand Shankars, Ezhil, Gomz na, So much of them! Who often would try to gimme piece of mind, helping out in very many things, still, they must have had a tough time in managing me! And for those lil buddies as my juniors, oops, their love to me was too much to take, Niranja, Prabhu, Geetha rani, Praveen, Sriram, Ranjith, Rowdy, Gomz Mach,Charles, Dhivya, Asokan, very many to say! they shared such an eternal love which was too too much for me to take, but I enjoyed their companies a lot! 

It was those interactions with PSS sir, I should say, a perfect role model for me in very many aspects, A flawless leader, a vibrant man whose infectious smiles would be contagious the moment you encounter him! It was those sessions with Dr.K.T. a good managerial Principal who had taught the time managements, who had simplicity in his deeds and actions but he was no ordinary man! It was from him, I learnt few human values! Yeah the vibrant man I should also mention, last but not the least, N.C.B sir, the placement Co – ordinator! If it wasn't him, I would have never picked up the knack of interview clearing! Oh yeahh, he was a man of contagious enthusiasm shared a lot of value additions to me!

Though, at this juncture, I am sad that the college life, Kinda Heaven for me, was over, and I am no more a Student, but an Alumnus of KSRCT, I am equally happy and all the more satisfied that this has happened! The four years' of life had made me a century wiser!

Now, things have changed, Alumnus to distinguished Alumnus or whatever! I will be receiving calls from the department Alumni co - ordinator, Prof. Karthik, asking if I am free enough to attend an alumni interaction meeting! For some untold reasons, heartthrobs, lungs cave in and feebly I would feel, if there were any egos left behind, the egos would crumble, the scars would heal and with more pride, more and more joy, wear on a smile, and say, "Yes, I would love to"! For, that is the bond of me with KSR - DBT!

Here after, an Ex- Student of the KSRCT - DBT! A Passed out of 2011! All I can now do is, to support the college to grow more, to be happy on hearing the credentials that my Alma Mater has got, getting and will get! I can show to my kids the college and say, Oh dear, to me, heaven was once here! But, I CAN NOT be a STUDENT anymore !