Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't you think they deserve?

Commuting has become far cry now a days. And on 'special' days, the 'festive' seasons, its become a practice for all of us, yes, every one of us, to travel to our own destinations - posting statuses like, "here I come, my home town", "family get together " (when it's together ly, man, u call 'it' a 'family'), and all those fancy sayings which simply indicate that we are bunking the offices, we are taking bonus leaves, we are going to 'enjoy' a long weekend, we are going to have fun with child hood friends, we are to be 'pampered' by our 'family'! Hopefully, you are not, yes, the one reading this piece, you, are not going to deny that, most of the 'working' people, do have all the above mentioned souls and lives in their lifetime! 

Now, working does not only imply, sitting in a cubical, breaking ur head with the 21 inch light emitting diode screens, exciting your neurons to the 'meta stable' state! 

Working does not only mean, sitting erect in a closed air chamber as a fully packed person, inhaling, only 'sterile' air, stuffing up the tissues in a flask, letting it to proliferate and then intoxicating them!

Working does not only sum up those numerics, tallying all the strokes and curves, mathematically, trying to balance things despite ur unbalanced state! 

Working also describes those men and women in browns, with lion roaring in their caps and stars in their chest, whose brain tissues never get into a synaptic cleft when their ears are filled with 'festivals' and holidays! 

Working is also used as a verbal language to explicitly explain the toils of those two legs stamping the mud, and those two hands harvesting a full feed for other's tummies but starving themselves to death!

When you are tired of 'working' sitting in a fully airconditioned cabin and want to sleep, aaram se during ur trip to see ur beloved ones, there are these two lives, who has to stay awake to ensure that you are safe during your sleep after 'hectic' work! And, trust me, these people are also 'working'. 

Last, but not the least, there are also people 'working' for you to 'work' casually! They are armed men, but their families go unarmed if they kick their buckets! Yes, the army, navy and the airforce people! Yeah, the previously mentioned 'working' people are the cops, the food giving gods and the driver-conductors!

As you walk around any bus stations today and for the coming days, for that matter, you will find, for sure, some of these people 'working' for you, 'working' for me, 'working' for all of us! Do they know you? No! But, they take good care for you to cross the road safely. They make sure that tiredness doesn't hit them hard to crash out while driving. They ensure that you enjoy your 'festival' with your beloved ones. They never mind of their hungers but feed u!

So, what are you going to do about this? When someone is away from their cherished circle, for u and me, when someone is being missed badly, very badly, by their 'family' members, you and me are busy tweeting, updating, worrying about Shankar I, asking for i Phone, I pad, I gold and all I! 

Halt a while, give a smile, say "festival wishes" and proceed! Do not waste food, for heaven's sake! If possible share a piece of sweet or a get 'em a cup of juice! Appreciate their work - show some gratitude! No medals required - just a ' thanks' is sufficient! 

Don't you think they ‪#‎deserve it!? I Do! For, I am a Human being and en route being human!