Saturday, January 24, 2015

How does it seem to be away from parents? #2

It is definitely okay, for all these informal things at the office, there is also a place where you dwell in, your room! A solitary reaper is just enthralling, awesome or what ever. You are on your OWN! Yes, on your own, mathlab, you are responsible for getting up late as well! And this room of yours, is going to be a igloo kind of thing for you, you go and crash out, but for the laptop and the portable airtel modem, you stay awake! There is logic in this rooming, you know, cupboards are meant for stacking up clothes whilst the floor is meant for spreading the books. Any body, any damn human, who enters the holy room, all of a sudden, shall only feel, that A Tsunami had hit your place alone ! ! ! That is simply because; your quilt being surrounded by books of hell a lot of genres, which never go with each other – A romance, A classic, A revolution, a History, A poem, A fiction, A novel and an epic as well - all these in different languages that you can comprehend!

On week days, all you know is, 7 o clock is the early morning, after the ten time – snoozed alarm is put off and all you know is to rush, rush, rush to the work place as soon as possible. You will be breaking the fast, at office, buddy! Your parents will realize that they are missing you, only in the morning when you are impetuous in getting ready to office, that they dial you up, and for every unanswered calls from them, you know for sure, that you are to have a BIG very big lecture. But, heart of heart, You will really feel bad for missing their call then, and would make a resolution, that you shall get up a little early, from the next day! Now, forget the resolution after it is made!

And, here is the ultimate thing! Only Indian mothers can do! When u r away from home n ur battery died while answering ur moms call, she will dial up all your friends to ensure you are alive!  When u r about to get ready to office in time, she will Flood ur ears with so much of "come soon " "don't be late" and all those free advices, that you actually land up getting late!!  When she visits u, she will get all groceries, toothbrush, paste, water bottle, juice, biscuits as if Chennai is a damn remote deserted uninhabited place where you don't find any of these!!  And, u , being the craziest creature on earth will never resist freaking out her baggage to find all these, take out them and smile slyly, then come out of home n write a status/ tweet a say/ post a blog - coz u are a daughter!

Nights generally mean 01:00 am or even late than that and till then, movies, writing and all those high energy needed unwanted works you do! Strange fact is that, the next day, at the office, you are stamped as hyper active and a person with a contagious energy level! If all these happen on week days, During week ends, you know nothing but sleep, sleep and sleep – rest till you rust and then, cleaning the room to make it unclean in the forth coming week!

The only heart throbbing moment would be when your tongue badly pleads for a tasty food; you are to check up with the neighbors or the friends for a good food outlet because the upset stomachs are just round the corners! Sometimes, the festive and special tagged foodies are what you will badly – very badly miss! So, the flash backs and a throwback sessions would help in for a nostalgia and then, you have to act normal, without having any vices!

Some festival seasons, where your presence might be inevitable, but you ought to witness only the photographs and the updates a.k.a running commentaries from your cousins and those local folks around.  Thanks to the skype, face books and the mobile phones, your loved ones are just a call/ sms/ a post away ; though it can not give the warmth of a mom's hug, the fervency of a dad's kiss and the intimacy of your sibling's words!

To wrap up, Life has to go on! The joy of being Self dependant is blissful at the same time, the lacuna felt by the heart for not having your family around, is hurting! But, the learning is, Life has to be balanced! 

So this is how it is, to be away from home !

Cheers !