Friday, January 02, 2015

Let us start - A fresh one !

Dear 2015,

You are yet another year to me in the last two decades! For with you, am to celebrate my silver jubilee for my ‘successful’ existence on this planet earth ! So, I am giving you a warm red carpeted welcome! Yep, You know I am glad that you are here, long last! And now, you shall realize that I had been waiting for you to come!

You are the year for my school reunion! A get together, of the clan that shared their joys ten years ago! Yep – the ten year high school clan ketchupping happens in 2015!

You are the one who is expected to bring in various accolades for my cherished people in their professional lives, including me as well ! You are the year for me to expect a new twist in my professional life ! Yeah, a well surviving professional life, with my darling science as well!

You are to make my little boy, a good doctor too! And I am excited about that! He is the one who makes my life more beautiful :-) ! I just love him for everything he does to me. He is more than a brother to me - I say, my kid, My kutty payyan, my father, my mother, my everything! Yeah, it is he, one of the rarest gems to me, who could take the place of every relation that I have so far! 

But, you know what, you made a Great grand entry! I shant forget you, never ever ! Its again that I can not hold on to see how much bliss and joy You are to bring to all of us !

At the same time, I am equally worried of few other things! Every time, when a new year comes in, people, (Including me) are hyped out. We fail to realize that things remain the same and just the calendar has changed. We have planned, pre planned and still planning to add on more and more burden on to you! Please do try to lessen all that we are to carry! Lessen the worries mainly, for you can’t be kept soaked in lots of tears always, through out, the year !

My dear new buddy, you know what? I am gonna ask you some more stuffs! Why don’t you try helping us in having a control over all our emotions? Would it be possible for you to let us stand people for their mis deeds to us, inculcate forget and forgive principles? Can you meddle up with that beautifully carved anatomy – the brain to store only good deeds and forget the bad ones?

You have all these kind of obligations from your side. It is just because, all of us, atleast most of us, walk unto you, having some resolutions and confidence that they can be more nicer J there after!
How ever, here is a huge wish ! I wish people when you are to leave, turned back to you to say, “Dear 2015, you were such a darling! Thanks for being so good and lovely !” And if you, my lil buddy, if you get this from most of us, then you ARE to be the BEST !

Fingers crossed for your miracles,

With More Love,