Sunday, January 25, 2015

Soul Mate - In pursuit of unvealing an enigma #1

All of us, have come across, this word - SOUL MATE - quite often. Kith, kin, friend, foe, lover, husband, wife, fiancĂ©e, Ex -, room mate, bench mate, project mate, class mate even glass mate , all these words have been very well around the doors for long. But, this "soul mate", is some thing new, a fantasy, or what ever damn you name it! 

Driven by curiosity of knowing what is this all about, I had to 'interview' certain people, talk to some more, read a bit more than that and then, here I go, now, writing to you all MY opinion! 

Many people come in your life. Many touch your life so softly and firmly that you can never forget them for life time. Your soul shall even feel odd and bad for having met yet another few bunch of people, as well. Right, in all these categories, where does the soul mate fall in . . ?

My first fascination is, O Henry's "The Gift of Magi" Oh My God, What a flawless, fantabulous piece of writing! I did fall hard for the characters - both of them Della and Jim ! That was an enthralling divine love they shared - priceless - just a dollar and eight cents can not reduce their love by a bit! So, to me here, Della and Jim are soul mates! 

Right, here is another classic - which is supposed to be a adventurous fiction, but i managed to admire the love of Sir Percy Blackeney for his wife, Lady Blackeney and the affection of St.Just sibblings! Yes, it is  Baroness Emma Orczy's Scarlet Pimpernel where love is portrayed during a war field! 

Fine, here is one another inspirational fantasy for me - all of you will know this heart stealer - Krishna - the Krishna Sudhama Pair and Meera Krishna pair from Hindu Epic - that simply just simply leave me wordless! The pride when Sudhama has upon seeing his friend as a king, the enduring love Meera has for Krishna - I fall short of words to write! Yeah, Krishna is supposed to be a very lucky guy, I say ! Because, I am damn sure, He is a very best buddy for very many of you reading this and also honestly, a good friend to the one who writes this as well! :-) 

I was indeed captivated more by the idea of this Krishna Sudhama pair whose vibes match more perfect. So, that makes, the soul mate concept more broad - broader - to encompass a different spectrum of relations - no umbrage conjured up !  The unexplained connection between two souls that have been inextricably entwined by love, brings in the concept of soul mate! Many psychologist, scientists and laureates have disproved this concept, contemporarily. But, I believe, a soul mate need not be only your life partner!

A soul mate is need not necessarily be one with whom you share an erotic love, a romantic clichĂ©. But, an eternal care, a divine bliss, a platonic affair also holds too good to be a soul mate. The vibes must match, the soul is beautified when you are with your soul mate.  You might not know anything, I mean, NOTHING - literally nothing, about who they are, what they are, but at the very first sight, you will definitely bemused and transfixed , yes, at the very first sight! You sit at their feet! You will recognize each other the moment your eyes meet! You will find, your soul being so very compatible with them. 

Soul mates can flow in, from all areas of your life - friends, parents, kins, kiths, mentors or whoever.It is just a matter of a heart beat, a silent twinkle, an internal quiver, that makes you realise that you have shared a bond for ages! You make silent promises - to see the beauty of the soul even if the body bends and the faces wrinkle - to shoulder the feelings of the other during any catastrophe - to take on all of the other person's ; love, fear, friendship, temper anything and everything - will make the person a priority coz the rarity of love is understood well - Yes, so much of silent promises in the list. Shall add on some more in the due course!

Though I am not concluding right now, I would let you to think more about this soul mate ! Go deep within, find out with whom you share an unconditional love, find out without whose mere thoughts and presence , your existence is made tough! It might be your mother as well, for, every relation that you make on earth, the one with your mother is 9 months more! It might be your father, your brother, your spouse or who ever ! 

. . . To be continued . . .