Monday, February 09, 2015

The one ...That One one . . .

In every one's life, there is always ONE in every thing...
Ø  One Person whom U hate for no reason
ØOne Person whom U love for whatever be the season
Ø  One person who loves you for being just U
Ø  One person who hates you for everything you do
Ø  One person whom you are jealous of
Ø  One person who is jealous of U
Ø  One person whom you wanted to be
Ø  One person who needs you
Ø  One person whom you forgive always
Ø  One person who is not valued by you
Ø  One person whose apologies are never accepted
Ø  One dream that can never come true
Ø  One hug that you will never get
Ø  One song that you never play but cant delete
Ø  One picture that never fades
Ø  One memory that is always frozen
Ø  One crush that is never expressed
Ø  One love that is deeply buried in heart
Ø  One moment that is captured by heart and stored in mind
Ø  One message that never goes to trash even after years
Ø  One Friend who is always there for you
Ø  One enemy who can never be your friend
Ø  One person with whom you can be COMPLETELY transparent
Ø  One soul that can never be hated
Ø  One Man who is loved unconditionally – Definitely Father for me
Ø  One Woman who is always cherished – Yup, its Mother to me,
Ø  One person to whom you surrender lovingly
Ø   Only One YOU who can never be replaced!

And yeah, there is only one life, so live it and enjoy it to its fullest. Value people, Spread love, bring smiles now, say Cheese and live in peace ! !