Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Death - the HARSH Reality of Life

There are few incidents which I faced in life, taught me, what life can be / what life is/ What is life full of, probably! To cite a very few, the loss of my Guru, Mr.(Late). Kalluvidan Sir,  the loss of my beloved soul savior - my uncle - Dr.(Late) N.S.Hariharan and above all, the loss of a my world, should I say; my soul - My Friendly foe - My loving Brother . . 

I sat aloof lost in oblivion, looked at the sky, called the "god" for JUSTIFICATION! I fell ill all of a sudden, went to the hospital, found my physiology or anatomy functioning perfectly! But, I understood, not every disease is due to the malfunctioning of anatomies and physiologies, organs and organ systems! 

These losses have taught me a lot of things. These losses keep me developing into a completely new human being. 

Death has taught me, there is nothing so far, called, Permanent ! Nothing including the land, water (If u have read the stories about Nepal Earth Quake), You and Me ! Yes, the element of "Surety" turns out to be the element of uncertainty. Yes, I spoke to all my beloved ones, mentioned afore, the previous night or just an hour before they kicked their buckets! And, the "last" stuff these people gave me, was MEMORIES - memories that never can fade.

Cherish every moment in life and they turn to be the greatest treasure which never shall change.

Value the time spent with loved ones, for time is the costliest thing that no matter how rich you are, you can 
not have, it back. Time once spent/gone is forever!

Try to see the good in others and stop brooding over - stop COMPLAINING ! What do you carry and why, when inconsistency is the ONLY proven fact - why to prove some one wrong and hold on to grudges?

Learn to move on! Life does not stand still for you, neither does time! The death of your beloved ones is definitely a pain to you but for a third person it is just a news! Do not feed others with your sorrows. Better, you first get rid of the sorrows. Only the physique of your beloved is snatched or plucked "Mercilessly" whilst the legacy in the form of memories, good deeds and responsibilities are still here, existing, on earth, for you and me to feel our beloved one! 

I am still in my harder times, understanding very well, that, hard times are always toughest! In that case, More hard times are more toughest ! ! ! Still, I have/am bestowed with responsibilities of my lost dears, for which I have to collect myself and stand strong ! 

I kept questioning constantly "why me?", thanks to the spiritual searches and a couple of my beloved folks, my "Why me" phase got over and I realized Death is NOT A PUNISHMENT (Always) . Life is about learning. I learnt many small things which shaped my perception and my life changed.

Share a loud laugh, shed a tear, Get a hug, Cuddle with passion, forget enmity, give ur shoulders for some one to rest, embrace without hatred !

Life is short, you know well! Life is uncertain and full of challenges for you to face! 

Lots of Love, 

Riya :-) 

PS:: Let me confess, despite all these "learning / why me / memory treasure" etc., I do sob or transform into a bundle of emotions, thinking of the LOST souls, hunting for a shoulder to embrace me and console me and Every time I do not find one, as well! This confession is to state " I am ALSO A HUMAN BEING!"