Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random Happenings :-)

Place : CMBT. 
BUS 114. (MTC / Volvo) 
Route : Redhills to Tambram
Passenger : Perungalathoor poguma?? 
Driver: No, Tambram thaan.
P: Why you in white dress, not in KHAKI?
D: Our uniform. And, this wont go to Perungalathoor. Behind is the bus, 570S. Get into that, please.
P: No, no, no! I will come in this bus only. Drop (!!!) me at Tambram..
The Startled driver gives bewildering expression. The passenger and his wife gets in, makes their way to the empty seats.
Conductor( after a brief work at the counter comes to the bus and whistles) tickets?
P: Tambram 2
(driver explains to the conductor)
C to P: when you have a straight bus, why...
P: No, I 'like' this driver he won't make any accidents thinking of the world cup. Also good, old songs only this driver plays.. So he 'good '!
Radio in the bus : Ange Yehn intha paarvai, aiyyayayya grin emoticon