Friday, June 05, 2015

#Maggi Ban

Of recent, too much of news about banning a food product that had captured the market over decades, is been aired up in the media channels. The unfounded concerns, which were supposed to be the quality of the product, is now considered hazardous, harmful, not safe for human consumption. Etc... The protests arise from different points; the blame is shouldered upon various bodies. Chaos, fear of ill health, anything and everything is around the Society, now.
Keeping aside, the taste or other issues that is been already trashed well by the media persons in the name of prime time discussion or arguments, let me pen down MY views on this issue.
To start with the “Moral” responsibilities of the actors and actress who has acted in the advertisements, frankly spill the bean out, have you ever taken a decision just because Mr.Amitab or Ms.Radhika have vouched for or have you not opted for the same just because these “celebrities” did not vouch for ? it looks sheer nonsense to comment on the “Humans” who have acted for the ads, for, it is their “Profession” to earn their bread! They need not be aware of the ingredients, make and statement of consumption and all those, which sounds crap for them! I am sure, acting mite sound odd for teachers, teaching – bizarre for lawyers, arguing – strange for drivers, etc. every profession has its own trademark cultures and habits!
I would agree to the fact that those people who are seen extolling the “Quality” of the product should be aware of what it is, because, it is their moral responsibility. But why are the commons, being carried away? There is very less accountability that is visible in India as far as food and safety is concerned. It is only after fatal incidents that one opens their eyes...and Nestle is one such incident.
So who are to be blamed? Well, first, if at all, someone is to be blamed, in my point of view, here is the hierarchy. Primarily, the scientists/inventors who have “Formulated” a ‘Edible”, “Food” substance, without keeping in considerations, the rules and safety standards. The only responsible community would be the scientific community, who need to be questioned for the formulation! ( I very well remember, I belong to the same community, as well.) Second, the testing authorities, who have granted permissions for manufacturing marketing and sales of such “pre – cooked, Heated and dried” Products, which might be of low harm to the health, are to be blamed/questioned or even arrested for that matter. Vicariously, everyone in the team are liable – the Inventor, sponsored, marketer, the analyser, regulatory authorities, everybody. The second level, lower priority comes to the non technical people like the actors, models, script writers etc,
However, in this controversial chaos, the poor and pathetic situation of the consumers, the common man, is worrying. It would be good if f at all we have a clear white paper on the part of state governments to place a clear policy on tightening their laws and enforcement on all food products....Needless to say, Much before the noodles controversy came into light, coca - cola, Oreao, and few other bread winning products for any brand, were concepted on their safety if consumed. And, I, hailing from the scientific community, do worry much about the robustness of the scientific researches, the validation of the data published and concepted upon. For, these kind of incidents, pave a platform to question “SCIENCE”, “Education” and ‘”Research” !

P.S, Sorry, my dear Scientific Community, for being so blunt !