Thursday, October 15, 2015

From the Mouth of a Photographer !

Sometimes, we are shocked and feel bizarre when we listen to people giving strange replies. Being a Photographer, he feels he should not have got his camera ! Besides Photographer, he is also an expert in glass painting and interior design! Here is a young little chap, who brings you, surreal, and uncompromisingly original world through the visuals and his clicks. A mostly self-taught photographer, Bhoopal M knows more about the rawness of photography and has good passion to create something that others use. Bhoopal – an upcoming independent photographer, known for his simple yet creative shots, attractive frames, would share with us the journal calendar of him, how he turned to be a photographer. A cool dude, with a clear vision, says he had traveled in those days when he had to use, a mobile phone ‘Samsung POP’ to click the Oscar Hero, Dr. A. R. Rahman. If some one wonders, can a man – a celebrity, inspire a young boy in his early teens, change the course of his career on a positive note, here is the true story. 

 “I was not so good in academics. Hence a high school dropout. In 2008 November, I Had an idea to start gallery! Why not I start a gallery for Rahman sir? It was then I started learning what a computer was. How it should be used? What are search engines? etc.” Ever since Boo (as he is fondly called by his hero) met Dr. A. R. Rahman, he had the haunting feel, to collect his photographs. In the due course of collecting pictures of ARR, he felt, why not he himself take photographs and build his gallery."The moment I captured Rahman sir, in Aravaan Press meet, way back in 2011,I managed to get next to him and took a picture of him with my mobile. The man just smiled and I fell for it." Bhoopal smiles, as he continues,And Since 2014, Bhoopal is an independent photographer s highly busy photographer to put it right, with so many completed photo shoots, and a lot more in queue.

The key to unleash creativity are two: good music and good People. And Boo says, “a good inspiring music can bring the better out of one self. And true / loyal and good people and music will always get the best out of one’s self.” Things move on and cohesing music with photography gives Boo a lot more creative ideas and works. “I want all my works to be used by people. Hence I am generally user friendly creator!” When asked for his best pictures, so far, it was strange to listen to Bhoopal saying, he never had any favourites amongst the snaps shot by him ! If he had marked any one as his favourites, he would make his mind set to take pictures only in that perspective and this would definitely stop him from exploring other angles/perspectives or creative shots!

Talking of people who start to say that they are photographers, and launch their “selfies” Bhoopal says, his ideas of taking photographs are perfectly moderated with those snaps. He understands which shot took at which angle comes better by seeing the random pictures shared! Photography is very related to Music and poetry. It's suggestive and fragmentary and unsatisfying in a lot of ways. It's the art of limitation: framing the world. “Planning a shoot is another interesting factor in this field. Visiting the place before shoots, checking the lighting effects, etc, would give one person how better the shots would come. The one question I ask myself before clicking the shutter button is, “Will this  shot be the best?”” The best part in this profession is, handling rejections. He takes every rejections of his, in a positive way, works on it and makes better approaches every time. When asked why not to give an entry in the Cine industry, his says, “I wanted to join the industry by attending Photography workshops. But many people, who have studied photography and joined as assistants, as far as I have seen, could not pursue with it. I understand everybody cannot be a Perfect Photographer! So being an Independent Photographer, managing my own business, makes it all! And, I am happy about it!”  The toughest part in his business is, “people do not have patience to do leave the photographer for post procession of the photographs. They keep asking us, instantly. More a business, we also want to establish our names in the field. Post processing is very important to it. Give us some time. Also, allow us to explore our creative shots on u. We would always give you the best look of yours. So please do not compare one artist with the other!” Having shared all these, when asked for his future plans, “I have found a path to travel. I am walking my way. I have seen fountains, farmlands even graveyards in my path. But have not reached my destination. So will keep walking. After all, I am just a Young boy. So Miles to go !”

Besides all these, Bhoopal does a lot of charity works, which he doesn’t want to advertise. He visits orphanage to provide them with food and dress and donates 30% of his income every month to orphanage. While discussing the cultural richness of India, he accepts that the saddest part is the cultural deterioration in India. He feels its responsibilities of the boys to take care! Every boy should take care of his family and sisters. Everyone cannot walk into a family to say / give advices. It is the responsibility of every boy, to advice/protect his family girls. n abroad, the talents of people are nurtured to that extent that the originality is lost. In India, the talent remains in its pristine form, pure and untouched! So Let us stay connected to the country as always. 

Bhoopal’s Favorites :
1. Lens – 50mm
2. Place – journey to Venice with his best friend
3. To carry – Camera and some best music files
4. Food – curd rice
5. Music – A.R.Rahman 
6. Outfits – Shirt with T shirts
7. Friend – My Soul
8. Event – Mariaan Press meet
9. Movie – Nothing as such
10. Moment – Getting autograph on his I phone from A.R.Rahman Sir
11. Color – Black and white
12. Quote – Try to accept yourself. God made you that way for a reason. In time you will realise Why!

After an hour of interaction with Bhoopal @ Boo, I felt, he is more humane, a creative bomb and a clear visioned young boy, who can walk miles and miles to bring smiles in lot of lives. 

Unsung Hero – No longer!