Friday, September 16, 2016

An open letter to every Indian Army Personnel

My dear Army Personnel,
            You have attained supreme sacrifice. I can proudly say, there is nothing great than dying for mother India. But at the same time, I also understand and realize, you are not only Army personnel, who are destined to do supreme sacrifices; but you are also a son of wonderful parents (May be the only son; and it makes a stronger impact), you are also a companion / lover / soulmate for a Dignified lady love, you are also a sibling to a responsible brother / naught sister, you are also a FATHER to your dear most kid. Yes, you are all of these, and yet, you decided to be an Army Personnel who was ready for any sacrifice.
            I know, I should thank you and your family for making all the Indians as your extended family. It is because of your sister who painfully let go of her brother, I am celebrating Raksha Bandhan and get gifts from my brothers. It is because of your kids, who sacrificed their fathers, my kids are holding their father’s fingers to walk their first step. It is because of your mother, who forewent her meaning for life, that my mother enjoys her child’s embrace. It is because of your loving father who had done the last rituals for his son, the other fathers in the country could have their last rites done by their sons! (As I write this, I understand, how painful it would be for Varadarajan Uncle, father of MAJOR MUKUND VARADARAJA, ASHOK CHAKRA (P) with whom I had been constantly talking to! Sorry dear father, my words might not set things right, it is just to tell you that Mukund anna is remembered every day!). And it is because of you, the whole nation is busy doing some thing or the other, yah so busily doing that most of us never knew who you all were.
            Most of us are ready to watch the so called celebrities on screen. Olive green is always a fond color for many of us, just to see and not to wear. You chose to wear that and walk with your heads held high. There were many more options to survive and lead a luxurious life and yet you chose to live a short life filled with gleaming pride. When most of us preferred to hold a PS – 3 and sit in an AC chamber, you preferred to hold a riffle and walk down the snow. Yes, you know what, we all belong to the same generation and that means, we share the similar age and that makes all the difference!
            I am sure, from somewhere, up above, you shall be reading this, through the zillion eyes of every fellow Indian whom you saved. As you read this, please lead your loved ones to go through the pain and be with them as they miss you and cry for you every day. As you read this, please accept our apologies on behalf of most of us, for forgetting you and letting Mother India in the clutches of bad influences. Please accept our gratitude on behalf of a few of us, who understand the pain of your loved ones whom you have left behind, for our sakes.
            I am not sure, not so very sure in assuring that Indians won’t get into the clutches of bad influences (BAD may denote anything against the country), at least , those very few of us, shall refrain ourselves from all those and aspire others to be so. Let us take a small step, towards what we wanted India to be, towards that India for which you made this supreme sacrifice. Though your family members are not able to accept your absence, a few of us, has begun to see you, in every Indian for whom you all have given your lives. And, we shall let others realize it with real eyes, and the day is not too far! And times again, please do not rest in peace until that!

Bidding you with shedding tears,

A Proud Indian with a Pain.