Saturday, November 19, 2016

Musings - 1

She was feeling very perfect in his arms. His guidance, his naughtiness, his love and care, was all that she wanted. Never did she try to explore, what was beyond this care, in this world. That is the power of brother love. His foot prints carried hers, all the way she walked. There seemed to be only good moments. Stepping in her room, she could feel his presence. A fortnight back, they were talking. Laughing at each other. He was teasing her culinary skills. She was kidding him back. He taught her how to make a home. He taught her how to cook with the ingredients called love and care. He taught her how to be honest to the people. She remembered everything slowly. Everything was running like a movie, at the back of her head. Just being with him, made her feel better. A hug – a hello – a smile or even his traditional way of calling her “lusu”. She realized, after a long time, there never seemed to be enough time to spend with him in the earlier days. All the places where she enjoyed in her solitude came to her mind. She felt guilty of it. But nothing could be rewritten now. She felt the need to put her feet down and stand sturdy. She realized, she should battle her life alone. She geared up, for the strife. And, there, she becomes a strong and sterile girl. Right above her , he smiles and kisses her cheek with a rain.