Friday, December 16, 2016

A missing piece of the girl . . !

Lying in a pensive mood , I found a piece of myself, missing completely from me. I have never realized when that piece of mine was lost. That light me and the lighter me is now heavy despite chopping a letter! The transition from M.I.S.S to M.R.S - literally seems small but actually is big and heavy. Missing of I.S and Adding R - One for Two - Yes, one for them two ! Not only the title was cut short , my many things were cut short - by myself mostly, by others mildly and by myself for the others largely! Now, who are the others? A whole bunch of awesomely seen people who completely differ from my long term known ideologies , a whole some of people who have different eyes for me and those visions, I never knew, existed at all, before hand! Life had given lots of surprises and most of them had turned out to be bad. My rebellious thoughts had subtle down, I wore on some new thing called patience and there, patience was again mistook and argued for. My allergies towards arguments got aggressive, pensive moods and passive moods were mostly experienced. Still, I managed to fetch a curve and put it on my lips. All new , all strange and not a soul to embrace.
When I think , why me alone, I get to listen about the "untold stories" from most of the females who "were" a major part of my life, earlier. Taken aback by surprises as to why such stories had been untold, until then, I started wondering, why is it always the power of the powerless who bleed at least five days in a month, been put to stake. Why is it always tough for the powerless to embrace another powerless and show her the power of love? What are the grudges held on for? Why are unforgivable and unforgettable things keep happening only to these powerless? Time never comes to ask, why! And that is the hidden side of the fairytale - projected - wedding, in India. 
The super - amazing - sensible counselor keeps telling, "Change can stir a relationship into a new phase of intimacy as well as free each individual to develop in new ways. Remember, you are together because you are in love , well at least during the larger part of the days ! ! !"