Friday, December 30, 2016

A Throw Back . .

Hardly a day left for the year 2016 , to close . A new calendar, updated federal holidays list, festivals and many things, are to come and surprise us. It is an English New Year - A calendar followed in most parts of the world, by Human beings! Yes, "Human Beings" who have turned as cold ones, "Human Beings" who have started running behind the bond sheets named money, "Human beings" who withstand the cold and sun at the country's border, "Human Beings" who keep forgetting good things, "Human beings who plough the land to feed the world and "Human beings" who are still human amidst all of these, clinging on to the last rays of Hope, to see this world, a better place to live in.
The year that is about to pass by, has been an year of learning, surprises, sadness, mysteries, miseries and fortune, too. Having faced all these, we are all eager to look forward to the New year - at the stroke of 12, to change the calendar, to get a 'special memories' diary, for a party on Sat eve, a get together on Sunday and get back to offices on Monday! 
To many of us, 2016 had been tough and brutal. And to me, many of my loved ones, returned to their origin, leaving a rich legacy of sweet memories and a pair of eyes in me to shed tears for them and a little heart to remember them. This year was a phase of hardening and acclimatization, like a new sapling from a sterile flask to the green house to the real soil. Emotional traumas were many. Leaving my job at CavinKare was the 'most toughest' moment of 2016 for me. 
To all of us, 2016 had been kind. And to me, it was gentle and surprising too. This year gave me a promotion from Miss. to Mistress - to add up stress in a man's life (supposed to be, for him).  And, from there on, a new phase of life began. I stepped in to a new country, met new people, newer culture and a gelling phase has always been interesting. I learned to be more patient. Rather than making fun of the "intolerance" posts of FB, I got used to tolerance. I turned more inwardly, spending a lot of time in Solace and finding happiness in my own self. I drastically changed my association with Science and the Words. Still, I hope to revive those two lost love, back to my life. I am transplanted into a bigger family, newer persons, newer attitudes that still remains to be new. 
As the last day of the roller coaster year comes to an end, I am not sure if 2016 could be called a 'successful' year per se, because I am not sure of defining success.
If success means A girl leaving her parents and the home where she grew up - posing to be strong and tell her parents, "I am fine and happy", then yes, I am successful in 2016.
If success means a girl trying to get along with the new family and understand the roles and responsibilities of self, then again, Yes I am successful in 2016. 
If success means earning honest people and their love and care, for life time, then I am highly successful for the extended family of friends who are there to infinity. 
If a successful year means a no - tear-only-smiles, then I am unsuccessful in 2016. 
If success means climbing ahead in the professional career, then again, I am unsuccessful in 2016. 
If success means faking oneself to every one - be it near or dear, and earn a fake love, lo and again, I am highly unsuccessful, as I have not yet learnt to be fakingly polite or send a fake love and bite behind the back. 
With so much of incidents inked in the pages of 2016, my 2017 is awaiting with new pages for me to pen down my moments. I am not sure, of how to write or what goes in or what I foresee, into the new pages. I don't even have any resolutions to make on the new year's eve. Still, I smile and carry the hope like all of you with all due eagerness and excitement to welcome the new year 2017.