Saturday, December 03, 2016

Musings - 5

Like another girl, I too sit and dream of wedding. The gorgeous silk sarees, the wedding sangeeth , the bigger crowds, the yummy meals, the matching jewelries, the romantic looks, the shy dimples . . . All these imaginations, never came to an end until I attended my own wedding ceremony , a few months ago. What does all these stuff really mean ? I tried to dedicate the hours of solitude to do a little bit of learning about the “wedding” ceremonies and of course, yes, rewinding to relive the tough and strong parts of the wedding!  After my harangue of an investigation, I just realize that weddings as the industry-driven, tulle-embellished monster is not what we had practiced in the earlier times. Although we may believe that weddings are ‘traditional’ ceremonies, the foundations of which are rooted in long-practiced pact, the fact of the matter is, the purposes and procedures of weddings have varied greatly over time, culture and status. And what we’ve wound up with? Not the happily – ever – after, pla cards, for real life. We crumble with the money , ego and the dirtiest ever race named “obsessions and possessiveness”. Who is right, who is superior, who is wrong, who is to be humiliated? These are the main entities, that marriages feed to. Even the love is devoured by the hungry beast called “Ego”. What is the point in spending laks and crores of money? Let us try not to create dream weddings, but a successful wed lock life .