Saturday, December 17, 2016

When a fairy tale fails . . !

What could you probably do when you see the fairy tale fails? A supposed to be fairy tale transforms otherwise because of the prince(ss) turns not to be the one, due to the temporary curse of the witch called Ego. When two strangers meet and are destined to live together in the name of a wedding and are expected to write a 'happily-ever-after' tales, there is no such possibilities of having a smooth journey 'initially or ever after' for that matter. The journey will be infuriating and  incensing, in all ways. More than the prince and the princess of the fairy tales, it shall be the ministers passing the bill, to steam up the entire tale. 
There are many why's that will keep lingering always. No matter what, these whys and why can'ts can never be faced by the opponents and these why cants can never have their answers, except "that is how i am!" Here are the few Why and Why can't  - summarized as few . .  
Why should I alone change ?
What did you do , for me to change for you ?
Why cant you give a try, when I have changed much ?
When you can not , Why should I ?
These interrogatives end with " I cant because I am a girl / boy ! "
And so, the fairy tale gets an end card. 
As a matter of fact, when the couples can no longer agree on a point, there will only be storms and cyclones in the family. The unavoidable - fierce - argumentsake- quarrels will always give destructive effects on both the parents and the kids when in future, it comes for their own family. 
Marriages are never sealed and no one is struck in the name of that. Toxicity in this relationship as such can never be tolerated. It is better to part and go on their own way rather to live a life for others' sake. 
And, when parting is done, just rethink of the consequences and the stereotyping stamping given in the society and the life - then - after ! 
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"Forgiveness is a scent that remains in the air for long. Holding on to grudges is like acid that will deteriorate the holder only!" - Anonymous.