Thursday, December 29, 2016

When India met Pakistan at America . . !

Yeah, you read it right. But, the clamor for disproportionate punitive military strikes will only come to your mind, reading the two countries' name together.
It was a Friday evening. Checking out the websites for a good pedi - mani spa, I stumbled upon "Samina Saloon and Spa". Located in the busy areas of New York City, it was a very compact salon with all ultra sophisticated equipment. When I got in, there were few customers, who were late and I understood, I would not be able to have my services that time. I booked an appointment the next day. Hubby gotta work on weekends too, so my plans got easy. Samina, was glad that I returned the next day. She apologized for the delays and the customer etiquette of hers was more than appreciable. (Yeah, Coffees and Green teass, for the rainy chill climate, is really a big deal, people!)
I learnt while talking to her that she was from Pakistan. During the services, she kept talking to me about general Country commotions, American climate and weddings. Her excitement when I told I am an Indian and newly married, was not just a professional courtesy, it was genuine. She is such a brave and bold Entrepreneur, a cancer fighter and survivor, A proud mother of three kids who emphasized that religion is a way to feel God and it is generally the media people who make happen the clamor between the two countries. She believes in respecting the fellow humans is the good mark of respect shown to the religion. It was a rejuvenating conversation with her. I went in for a pedi - mani treatment, but looking at the quality of service and the cost of service provided made me to take few more services. I should definitely mention, the staff there were so courteous and expertise in the services they provided. 
Getting independents to understand what we are trying to do has always been her challenge in running this industry. She always believed that there is an answer for every challenge she faces. While leaving the spa, the lesson learnt from her and team, "Stay cheerful and be courteous to people. It costs nothing but gives many things!"
New Yorkers, if you want to get the best beautician services at the best rates, I recommend, Samina Saloon and Spa, 1134 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10075. Dial her up, on  212 - 628 - 9770, Block the dates and get beautiful. 
Unsung Heroine - No Longer !