Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The power of the powerless!

PC: WBK Photography

She was in the womb. The first struggle, upon millions, she managed her way to get herself created. And, thanks to some one, she was not killed for being SHE! She struggled her way out after nine plus months. She was so much taken care of. So much of to-do lists and so much more of do not dos! Her mother told her how kind she must be. Her father taught her valor and bravery. As she grew, she faced threats for her survival. It got more when she began to stain with strain. Still,she remained spreading fragrance of joy and ray of hope. Her security made her feel more insecure. Still she shaped her personality with dignity. The parents were proud of her and also afraid about her. Not to mention, she had been bleeding every month since then and she combated to survive. She grew up with a fear of harassments of the powerful. She was given to him. She had a great change!  Her possessions changed. Her attitude was alerted. She began her new way of combating. Until then, who ever she believed to hold her back, turned strangers. Strangers invaded her cherished circle. And during all these times, she bled for three days a month, every month! She felt bizarre when she realized her respects were based on him! Her agony was at its heights when she was only welcomed everywhere only with  him. Had it happened to him? No, all she could see was one happy independent man moving all over, with or without her, but welcomed everywhere! All she could witness was one happy man, remaining almost the same before and after she came. She reconsidered her thoughts, might be she was wrong. Might be, that man was happy because she was there. And then on, she began to find her joy in his laughter. She could never help getting furious, at times, seeing the shift in importance. But this is what the society is! She is, after everything and anything, a woman - the powered powerless!
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