Friday, January 27, 2017

What is it FOR?

For the first time, I have missed a national flag hoist and tribute on a National day. the geographic locations change still, I carry the pride of being an Indian. However, few things in a long list do haunt me a lot. the recent protest in South India - Tamizh Nadu for the Jallikattu to happen - supporters across the globe - ill minded few people and anti - nationals protesting against government , the suicide of farmers, the depletion of natural water resource, the decrease of economical trend, the popular scams, and the list is never ending. 
Spending a few months away from India, made me realize, where do we lack. As a science graduate, I realized Agriculture and Natural Flora and Fauna are the two most important things for the uplift of nature. I do not blame the industrial revolution, definitely. But, every thing has its space and priority. Many Indian rituals and habits have been proven scientifically to be good or the best for a healthy and peaceful survival. And just because it is Indianish we are not following them unless some one accredits our practices. Do read the SOME ONE as any FOREIGN BODIES.
PC: WBK Photography

It was indeed alarming to notice the perishing of Indian Tradition knowledge (ITK) and the Indigenous species of floral and fauna families. Perishing or giving away and up to some other nationals ? Are we aware that many of the Indian traditions are being converted into money - HUGE money, outside India? Are we aware that many of our natural-only-to-be-found-in-India plants/herbs' properties  are patented by other nations?
Against whom are our protests? For what are we proud of? What is the need for the nation? Why are we not thinking of all the permenant stuffs but going behind the temporary ones? And above all, how can India 🇮🇳 be a Super Power in 2020, after losing all its ITK and indigenous breeds of its wealthy flora and fauna?
This is the time for us to realize the reality and raise up to the occasion otherwise, we ate belittling the supreme sacrifices of our uniform men out there fighting for the Nation!