Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is lost, needs be closed !

PC: WBK Photography
Life is a potpourri of events that can lead from no traces but leave many! It was someone special, the first taste of seeing someone very special. She entered in, for the feel of looking at him, specially special. After a period of ambiguous yes-no-maybes, they were destined to be together. She could not let go off, he could not hold on to. Still they belonged to each other by breath and bone. They were together in the picture for good. Wisdom, politics, partiality, possessiveness, obsessions, untold egos cooed in from all directions, as a hope to blend them but eventually pulled them apart. Cross examinations of faults, pointing fingers became the fore play. They needed to snap out of that self-absorbed paralysis however, they could not. Finally, she manged to fumble out. She could never offer the lucrative present of forgiveness, after all the anti climax dramas. He could not spare her for any metamorphical points. Like the saying, too many cooks spoil, too many hands got in to mend them ending up with very very generous slices of hurt and hatred. 
It was time to move on. Every one has their pieces of pain and pages of emotions. Getting morbid and lamenting took her to no point. Depriving of closures worsened the scenario. It definitely forced her to face the sharp pang. A lesson was learnt. 
"We can't take back what we offered. We might not even want to take back for those moments were adding beauty to life. Remembering what we loved in the other who desperately hurts us, makes us not to take revenge. We all suffer pain and we all deserve kindness or at least deserve not betrayals and revenge. When forgiving or forgetting seems near to impossible, choose to ignore and stay strong.Life is once and little moments of joy adds beauty to it"