Thursday, April 20, 2017

Crap - Torture - Love

I  love you for more reasons than I hate you. May be those innocence looks or may be those child - like acts, Not sure. But that, for some reason, portrays you as the most beautiful person I have ever known, so far. Some obdurate ways of you trying to set things right, makes me think. May be you deserve that. It is actually easy to ignore those soft hearted feelings towards you, when I don't see you. It is more easy to build a hard zone and stay in it away from you when I see your favorites. It is again easier than any of these, to hate you completely for all you had done to shatter me. But you creep. Just creep in to stay and I can see that coming! 

A gesture of you. 

A text from you.

An encounter in a crowded place.

A thought of you.
Oh Crap, this seems to be a torture and I still love you !