Saturday, May 13, 2017

People . . .

I do not understand people's emotions and the "WHY"s of all those emotions.
I do not know why they love those who are not meant for, why they betray those who are really good, why they be in a relationship and why they break up later. 
I do not know why they are weird or why they are kind.

People are unenlightened. They do not know who they are. They are lost in egos. They are lost in delusions. They swing from past to future. They do not stay in the present. 
People spend lot of time earning money. They amass plaudits before they are gone for ever. 
People dream. They imagine. 

It is indeed crazy to know people. People are not formula, to behave in the same way. People are not standard operating protocols to give always the same responses. That is the difference. 

People are different. People think different, People do differently. People behave differently. People are people. If we want to move forward, try to see people as people - different people and that is the beauty!
PC: WBK Photography