Friday, May 19, 2017

Radha Madhava Mahotsavam . . !

When we say Radha Madhava Mahotsav, we immediately remember the cutely divine images of Radha and Krishna. For those, who are devoted in devotion and spirituality, this Mahotsav gives some inspiration and sense of “Gyan” (Knowledge). For the rest of us, we keep questioning, why do the humans need to celebrate the wedding – union of our creators. All “Gopikas” considered Sri Krishna Paramathma as their husband. But Sri Krishna Paramathma married only Rukmini and Sathyabama. Intriguing, right? Humans perform a wedding – a marriage – a divine reunion of two people who were never said to marry each other. There are some “puranas” that claim Krishna and Radha had “gandharva vivaham”.

Brahma Vaivartha Puranam – probably the only puranam that describes “Go - Lokham” to its fullest, also says that Go – Lokham is always above the Sathya – Lokham. And, in this Go – Lokham, the existence of Radha and Madhava is described as the “Sthri and Purusha Shakthi”, a form of energy that has no physique attributed to them. This existence, by itself, is considered to be the blissful state of togetherness, is playing into the world in the form of Krishna and Radha. We, by performing this simple act of Radha Madhava Mahotsavam – Sri Radha Krishna Kalyanam are actually glorifying the most potent spiritual wisdom. Goosebumps, right?
In this digital world we all live in, and in the midst of our busy family and career obligations, namasankeerthanam (i.e. chanting the name of the Lord) is the easiest avenue for us to profess our love to Krishna and Satsangams such as the Radhakalyanam provide us the opportunity for this namasankeerthanam.
Sri Radha Kalyana Mahotsavam is performed every year, by various Bhagavathars, for three days. In India, Aalangudi is very famous for this festival that there are historical facts to state that Radha Madhava Mahotsavam has been happening for seventy years. And, various Bhagavathars deem it their blessings to perform and / or take part in this Utsavam.
It is indeed our blessings and pleasure that people of New Jersey can witness one such divine happening, at Morganville Sri Guruvayurappan Temple, on 27 and 28 th of May 2017. Sri Satguru Seva Samajam, USA is conducting for the third successful time, “Sri Radhakalyana Mahotsavam – 2017” by Sri Swaminatha Bhagavathar and team.

NJ Swaminatha Bhagavathar and his team have been providing a platform for all of us to immerse ourselves in the devotion of Radha and Madhave. Let us all dunk ourselves in the divine ocean of namasankeerthanam, discover the “Radha” or the “Krishna” in us and pray for courage and strength to perform our karmas dutifully.
Also, Sri Satuguru Seva Samajam is taking an important step to educate our future generation on the importance of Bhakthi (devotion) towards God and Guru. All the children attending the event will be gifted the following two books published by Vidyuth Publications:
1. Short stories from Indian Mythology (4 stories with illustrations).
2. A short biography on the 68th Acharya (Mahaperiyava) of Sri Kanchi kamkoti Peetam.
Let us make sure to attend this Treasure Trove of Auspiciousness and feel the presence of divinity. Mark your calendars,


“Third year celebrations of Śrī Rādhā Kalyāna Mahotsavam in New Jersey during the Memorial Day weekend - May 27th and 28th, 2017 at Sri Guruvaayoorappan Temple, Morganville, NJ” . For more details, find the attached invitation and RSVP +17323258695
Radhey Krishna!