Saturday, August 16, 2014

How I married Bioscience

To expect science as a profession to be devoid of the challenges that many other workforces face as a way of life would indeed be preposterous. But for those who grew to love science, it’s certainly heartbreaking when you realize that in science all is not fair and square! Some continue to brave despite the let downs, while for others, science may indeed be a story of a love lost! I am of the first type, who continues my affair with science rather than encouraging a break up!
Let me tell You, I am not against IT but I am FOR BT. Science is the object of my first love, First infatuation. The tantalizing theories of science made my neurons fire together and wire together with Science. The affair between me and science as such, is been never ending one. Membranes and Mitochondria are so damn exciting to me than the silicon chips and diodes! I fall in love with those Lactic acid bacteria and Xylanase producing Trichoderma than the copper wires and mother boards. The signal transductions and ion channels has been more appealing to me than the fop and c library! This made me to fix up a long un divorced wed lock life with my darling Science! I was in a state of Euphoria and could see transformation in me in becoming a very vibrant human being when I registered myself for a life long bonding with Science.
Science as such had really boosted and intensified my hitherto dormant concentration and focus. When I started my lifetime bonding with science through the microbes, isolating them from my most favorite food on earth, the curd! It was damn exciting to see such a wide spread of living organisms grown in a very small room and the microscope, that magnified its cells! My little child, I mean, My lactic acid bacteria, unlike me, was a too obedient kid. Though she was a delicate darling, I daringly handled her rough and tough! And, she never filed a suit on me for harassments! J I made sure that my delicate baby though was put under stress never went distressed! I treasured up every moment with her, feeding her with sugarless apple juice as if she was diabetic, giving her acidified liquid diet that solidified on her growth! She gave me the joy of motherhood! She allowed me to be in that blissful state of experiencing the joy upon seeing one’s growth! She inculcated the feel of optimism, the feel of feeling complete, the attitude of ‘Adjust with what you have” and many things.
Like how, a girl needs too go to her inlaws’ place, I had to have the bahu ki bidha with my little angel, who grew up with me. I had been so attached with my first child, the Lactobacillus acidophilus, I can’t allow her to go to a new place, from my hand. But, girls can’t be with their parents always right! I had to put her up for adoption incredibly to some one! She taught me how to cry on departures! I realized how brutal I was, the moment when I was asked to decant her under heat! After all, I could not kill my child with my own hands, empty her home, starve her to death, grabbing her food, or allowing some one to molest her by sharing her room! But pen ultimately, I gave her up for adoption, to my junior friend and kissed her a crying good bye!
After relinquishing my first baby, I had to have my espousal with the higher level kids, the animal cell lines. Life turned exhilarating when I was intoxicated with the animal cell lines, transversely infecting them with the good genes and rearing them up to be a good one and not a troublesome malignant men ! Slowly, life became normal with the new family members in my family and I am getting in on my life with life science!
It is generally heart throbbing to hear people asking me what Life Science has given me till now! I would rather question back than answering this, did your mother expect anything in return when she conceives you in her womb, gives her blood and food! Man, you had been sucking her blood for your life to get sustained, before you came to this earth! And after you came, you had her running behind you for your sustainment!
In BT field, you have a slow growth but a steady growth. Secondly, you dont have a insecured job. Your job security is fine with. I know, most of my friends as an UG get >3.25 L p.a. But I despite having a PG with a Rank and about a score of Projects and miniprojects, with a vast research expertise, earn less than that! I agree, Survival of the fittest is must. In not all cases, Survival of the fastest mean they are the fittest! See, to me its all about the job satisfaction and job security and also the affair that I have with science. Secondly, Life Science is one field thats gonna be there till the last human on earth survives. So you need not depend upon the foreign collaborations or the projects to feed you. You could feed yourself as such. 
I mite be too philosophical. But I look out for a long term improvement and Quality of life rather than the current Status. Life science is again a field that never lets u die thirsty! Growth is gradual but permanent in exponential log phase!  I can not so proudly say that I am one of those people who seem to think human beings; living organisms have structures more pleasing to the eye than Scarlet! Many people don’t seem to realize that we are a species still evolving, evolving to be a better HUMAN. Science could give you clarity of thoughts. I could achieve a state of mental equanimity when I start to unleash creativity to enliven my work environment with the little cells! I have a strong belief that science will be a place for love and no hatredness! 
Enjoy Science, Do Science for Science, Science for the love, Science for excitement of doing science, Science for Passion and Science for Humankind! But not Science for destruction. ! 
I luv ya BioScience ! <3

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Knotty Issue !

My dear son,

I am your mother speaking. I know you love me all the more than any one in this earth. But at the same time you hate me to the core when I talk of your wedlock issues. It is you who made me to tell Wedding/ Marriage as Wed Lock.

Are you able to sense, how sad me and your dad feel when we see guys of your own age, or why, your close friends visit us with his child and wife ?  You get engrossed in playing with the kid. But it is we who experience the heart ache, seeing you as a lone solitary reaper!
You know what, you were initially afraid of coming out of my womb. It was a herculean task to bring you into this world. I faced the risk at the cost of my life. So did you. And when you came out to see the world, your eyelids were sealed with each other. Your stomach was not pumping up and down. We had to put you into the incubator. But with in twenty eight hours, a day and little more, you proved to us you are fit to survive in this world. When you started walking, you feared of falling down, but you became a racer!
When you were put in school, I still remember your swollen red face with eyes drowned in tears .every stage of life was a challenge to you. And you had won in every challenge that you faced in life. Life is not modern and all. Life is life all the time. Just accept and understand that.
What makes you think the word marriage by heart is a burden in your life? Are you afraid of girls? Don’t tell me yes. I am a lady and you have your sister too! Are we not ladies? Are we harming you in any ways ?
Do think on this topic and realize, life is really incomplete without a marriage. We can not always, as parents, come with you till the end of your life. Life after marriage would be really beautiful to live. Me and your dad felt contented after you were born to us. We rejoiced your birth as you are the embodiment of our love and affection, the happiness we shared between us. We rejoiced because you gave meaning to our life.
I am sure you would also rejoice and cherish every moment of marriage and your life as a family man, than being a single eligible bachelor. I wish you read my letter to you, and take wise decision in this knotty issue.
Love u My Son,

With love,

Your Mom.