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Musically Yours - Srinivas(Singer)

So, to all of us, in one form or the other, we have Music in our life as an inseparable part! It so happens that we start wall postering for our beloved ones, “When I miss you I listen to That Song that makes me feel you and Miss You More!”  So much is the space that we have for music! To many of us, we have perfect keep sake that makes us feel proud of having lived in few person’s era! Unlike all of us, I too have a bigger list, in fact, and I deem it to be a real blessing to have just existed, should I say, in the times of such great - greater and the greatest people! And here is the list, the Musical Synonym Shri.MSViswanathan, Stupendous Scientist Prof. Umaa Shanker Raman, The mandolin man  - Amarar.Srinivas, the Cricket Supreme Sachin(though I dunno much of that holy game, I’d love to watch it just for this master!), The Perfect poet Amarar.Vaali, Ever Vibrant Vinay ji, Scientifically Significant Sujatha sir, my all time beloved magical Stellar Musician Srinivas Sir or Vasu Uncle, the Celestial invocation - I hope shall rightly fit perfect -  Shri KJYesudas, the soulful Chitra ma,  Splendid Science - Dr.APJ Kalam, A writer of humankind - Muthulakshmi Amma, Memory Master Dr.Reddy, (Definitely a prioritised Order) the list goes on ! Oh, now let me tell you, I would love to stay behind, at this level as such, for, many of you might be thinking that I should be adding HH Ravishankar or HH Parthi Sai Ram or whom so Holy ever for that matter as “TOP PRIORITIES”! Apologies to disappoint you, definitely in this list, I shall have these people, but may be somewhere near the bottom – Coz, my very little knowledge in spirituality had never allowed me so far to write about them!
This magical stellar Musician as I rightly said, Srinivas  Doraiswamy or Vasu Uncle as how things started off too informally (he was kind enough to accept “Uncle” and never insisted on a “Sir”)  is a marvelous man that the musical industry has got! Every time, when I hear him, I feel he should have born with a tag, “Musically Yours”! Dare I say, His soulful voice will definitely fill our souls with a stellar energy! Pure bliss is what you feel, while hearing him singing “Kadhal thaaimai irandu mattum Baaram enbadhei ariyaathu! Smiles of love is what your lips will have while hearing him singing “Undhan Nizhalarugey Oivugal Eduthiduven.Idhu Kaadhal Illai..Idhu Kaamam Illai.”! Tears of pride are what your eyes will shed when you hear “Mouname Unnidam Antha mownam thane azhagu”! Yeah, this Engineer turned Musician had crafted every chord, every pitch, and every note of every song that he had rendered so musically that you just fall hard for it! Lo and behold, if music were a Religion, I would listen to Srinivas as well!
We all have/had/have had a BIG DREAM! Some of us dared not to follow it; some of us would have knocked at the doors of our dreams and would not have waited for the doors to open! Some of us, hurt by the thorns or stones while treading our way to chase the dream, leave the dream - a dream and just dream of the dream alone! This man should have realized that slippers just existed when thorns pricked his lotus feet, started pursuing his dream, persistently with so much of perseverance! I always keep wondering how the reactor mind of  his generated a grand positive feedback with 100% efficiency, under all conditions, giving us perfect musical treat from time t = 0 to t tends infinity! (Lol, Thanks to those hard Chemical Engineering principles and Heat transfer operation classes during my college days ) He is no ordinary Man I shall say ! 

Srinivas - 100 Expression - 1
             When I keep reading about this man who had gelled himself with music so beautifully, I never know from where that gleam of pride, the ray of shine come and just stay with me! Every interview that I had seen or read of him, makes me realize that he is such a humble, down to earth and lovely friend to be with! Oh yeah, I do have a firsthand experience, him replying or “Liking” to every little post that I put on his fb walls, there he proves how humane and simple he is!
Perfect joys are when you have a partner to listen to Vasu Uncle and to me I have a whole bunch of fans in my cherished circle!

           The top is my Aunt, this sixty five years old lady would always love to hear her Sri’s voice always! And, she can never resist in grabbing her mobile phone, punching in my number, screaming in that ecstasy of having heard him, “Hey Gaana, Sri padaraa ### TV channel podu” and I would never mind to snatch the TV remote from my poor Dadda who would give a bewildered expression as if I had gone seriously mad or what! This aunt and niece conversation will continue till the program gets over, Oh C’Mon Never mind of the advertisement breaks, for, it is during then we both will talk how beautiful his expressions were. The most forgettable interviews of him was the one with MJ.Shriram! Most of the time, this celebrity leaves you confused, whether to hear him or see him! OMG, Cant even imagine those expressions his face give! A perfect feast for your ears, eyes and soul as well!
Srinivas - 100 Expression - 2
When Uyire Movie hit the screens, I should be in my tens, I guess! That was when I started getting addicted to the adorable voice! Those were days when you never knew what those lyrics meant; all that mattered was the super cute joy of listening to his voice; just his fantabulous voice! Google God or the Yahoo Upa Devatha was not affordable, all that was affordable was AIR or Pepsi Ungal Choice or those local Channels entitling “Manam Virumbuthe” That was when I had my sweetest partner in listening to him My sweet Granny! Her peculiar tastes of music did give some space to listen to “Srinivasan””(Don’t ask me how that "an" came in, for my granny, I am sorry I dunno@) She would help me in getting connected telephonically to the VJ hosting the show, ask for the song to be played for! And Oh, yeah, she too would sit next to me until the song was done with!
Srinivas - 100 Expression - 3
           Next partner of mine, who is more equal to a partner in crimes like bunking classes and going for projects, to put it precisely right, is Keats, My “Bestest” buddy! I had intoxicated her with the “Srinivas Syndrome” and many other syndromes for that matter, Holy Smokes, whenever she is given any gadget with an internet connection, she straight away asks the Google god to take her to the YouTube angel to whom she asks for the gift “Srinivas Performaces Live – Srinivas songs – Timeless classics” etc etc.. and Lo, the angel grants this gurl her wish and she will “Load Down’ everything to her Memory Disks, for, she needs to show off the next day that she had got so much of collections and I had less than that!
Srinivas - 100 Expression - 4
        When Keats was my Grad school partner I had Kavi as my Mid/High school partner for the Srinivas Crush Club! ( Oops, Please take the name a bit lightly! We were in our teens, you know! ) Every tea break or lunch break would not have gone by without discussing Sreeenniivaazzz! Trying to have an imitation session of how he performed this song, that song and all that! Betting on the lyrics, the male or female version! Azhage Sugama was THE most played song that won me so much of chocolates! Man, no formula was clinging on to my finger tip as this Song had :-)

Srinivas - 100 Expression - 5!!!
            Every time when his album is released or every time when his song is heard by me, you can fetch me, honestly, in tears of pride! There are some people in this world, whom we might not know too personally, but we shall always feel that they are close to our hearts and for no condition, we shall share that unconditional love - never minding if they realized or what; keep them in our daily prayers; have so much of reverence and respects for them, or whatever! And to me, one of the very few, is Srinivas! God should have realized that not all males can express their love via music or at least He should have understood that He himself needs one to express and that is how we must have got Srinivas on this planet earth! Though in the initial stages of his entery in the industry, his very name might not ring an instantaneous tring tring unto our minds as a singer, now, right now, this minute, just upon hearing his name, so many “true” adjectives queue up in your mind to portray him as a melodious singer, an ardent lover of music and all that, for the stunning Musicianship he has got!

           If you are nostalgic or have that urge to listen to music of Srinivas or even if I had intoxicated you too, with the "Srinivas Syndrome", here I leave you to fetch your head phones, plug it right into your ears, click on to any of his rendering, just close your eyes, and you are in that hot line to feel divinity, a pure bliss!

Cheers and Happy aMusi(KI)NG!

PS: I am not a "Professional" writer! But definitely I AM a writer by "Passion" . If you feel there needs to be some acknowledgements mentioned, I would only mention the Hero for this piece of writing - Mr.Srinivas Doraiswamy, whose musical journey had given me so much to feel and write! Nonetheless, I shall dedicate this post to all those crazy fans of him, across the globe!

Pictures Snapshot from Airtel Super Singer grand Finale telecasted in Vijay tv 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fossilized Memoris

Every one of us will be abusing our childhood days for leaving us faaaarrr faaarrr behind. The childhood has become the rich legacy of memories to us. Some times we succeed in having a throw back, in this phlegmatic life, bring back those memories to have a nostalgia. Nostalgia is the only possible solution, when you have full tight works that had exhausted your poor little brain and the fatigue brain treads back to the tread of old memories cherished deep down your secret orchid, flowering the memoris up, and inhaling the sweet smell, realizing the good contained in it!
The lovely wake up call of Amma slowly turning out a a wake up yell, when your dadda coming in to give u a wake up kiss, you pull him next to you and hug him tight and get back to sleep! Finally, you give in to the wake up call turned yell, finding your Amma in the holy sacred room called kitchen, doing something or the other but definitely an aromatic foodie stuff. Like a cat, you slowly get behind her, give her a puppy hug and get scoldings for diluting her piousness ! 
Hunting for socks and shoes, fetching the hard pressed uniforms from the wardrobe, counting on days for the next color dress wears, double checking to confirm that those home works were really finished, thinking that your mathematics teacher or even the geography teacher should be absent, praying that your P.E.T Teacher never falls sick during weekdays! Wow!
Catching hold of the Bike's (Cycle's) handle bar, Pedalling as fast as you could, reaching the school main gate, realizing that the watch man is trying to close the gate, the first bell to the "Assembly" rings ! Trrrinnngggg! And, you give those attractive smiles of yours and a jolly cool namaste to the watch man, that he halts for a moment to wish you back and you creep through the lil gap, with all your shoulder bag weighing heavy, pushing that sport cycle of yours! Parking it possibly at the interiors to make an impression that you had arrived a little earlier, you rush to any of the ground floor classrooms, throw your bag and of course the LUNCH Bag too, join the assembly line with your class mates and there you are - a goodie woodie gurl!The head girl, smiling back states that you are included in the assembly attendance! Finally as you reach the ground, the sweats of bicycling down, vanishes with the fresh breeze that the yellow flowered tree sends to you, you smile with gratitude and a great motherly love at the inflorescence seen at the top most branch of the tree!
School Stand at Ease ! :-) School Attenntionnn ! As keyed robots, you act to the decree of the school pupil leader, you join singing those lengthy prayer songs, with semi closed eyes, you hear news being read out in different languages, thoughts for the week, thoughts for the day and all those! simultaneously, your mind's thought for the moment would be the worries about your lunch bag that you kept in an alien classroom! The head girl, being so sincere mite even find you talking to some one else in the next row, noting down your name to be written on the Big Black Board for an imposition! Once all the sequential Assembly events are over, you repeat the INDIAN Pledge, with your hands on your chest following the SPL, and finally there the SPL Commands : Class attendance! The head girls or even boys, start, VI A - boys present 21 Girls Present 23.. finally ending up, XII C - Boys Present 9 - Girls present 6! The Maha Manthra is chanted, Hare Raama Hare Raama Raama Raama Hare Hare - and the assembly is dispersed! Clap clap clap, clap clap clap C.L.A.P, C.L.A.P C.L.A.P!
At the class you realise that you have the most beautiful friends around who are (now) responsible for the eidetic memories of yours! You sit listen to the class, sleep during the class get caught for talking, do all possible mischiefs on earth, in those four walled class rooms . . . Monday & Wednesday Evening Drills - you just go there for the sake of playing a match with your seniors or to see some of your buddies running around the ground! The Tuesday Special Classes a Preferred to be missed one - though in vain,, Thursday & Saturday Co curricular activities - that bring in all the abhinayas to ur face - coz you are "classically" a dancer (Lol) and the most awaited Friday Evenings for Bhajans! :-) Though you are not so damn religious about Bhajans, you step in to the holy room, just for the sake of watching your beloved buddies "Performing" and definitely for the "Maha Naivedhya Prasadam - The Yummy Sundals"... Thud thud thud - those tender hands of your frens dance precisely on the percussion membranophones, those sweet and bass voices sounding "Radha Rasikka Vara Raasa Vihaara . . . "! You are so jolly well enjoying the 45 minutes of Ravishing feast, either a lead voice or the take over - never mind, you are sounding ! 
Those geography exams, the curvy lines on a paper and You call it maps, the borders make no sense to you, the english grammar of Is - Was - Were - Had been - Blah blah blah! Walking along the corridors with fingers on your lips is the only moment when you know what Silence is! Those moments when you hear your name being called out in Mic - It mite even be for any naughty deed of yours too - You feel you are the Queen! Finally at the end of the day, the long bell rings, you grab your satchel, rush to the ground, creak open your bicycle locks, grab them, make your way out of the grand grill gate, turn back with a content that you are now out of the big compound for the day and can jolly well have your get together with your friends at the street corners! 
And How can you miss those annual days and the science project feasts! The Sanskrit classes and the Sanskrit Dramas, Wow, Watching few of your seniors performing - talking - Sanskrit, and that moment you fall hard for sanskrit! Those Sporting moment of inter school chess competition, those personality development camps at thenangoor - thekkadi or wherever! Those gleaming moments of pride when Your school wins over the sister concern ! Those project moments and exhibitions, the "Raksha Bandhan" celebrated during independence days . . ! No holidays for a government festive, when every child in your gated community have a leave, you frown so deeply and go to school and when your amma and dadda try hard to apply for a RH, you happily sit back and enjoy the Traditional festive with your granny!
The fight for window's seat, those colorful sketch pens, the fluorescent coloured one especially, the charts that you are pasting all over the walls, the aural - oral completions, holiday home works, The UNO times with your sibling, Kane and Undertaker, those cricket times when Sachin bats, you never knew slanting or sleeping line but the joy of watching Sachin playing, Next day going to school and talking 'bot it! (Sachinism needs a separate write up though!)

Oh My God! And Now, How I wish God got a reverse button, taking me back to the good old days! Google God was so costly to approach those days and all you would have to do is go to the library or watch DD channels! And, JGHV abbreviated as Jaigopal Garodia Hindu Vidhyalaya - has played so much part in my life History! I should specially mention, those value additions that it taught me, has made me a NEAR COMPLETE individual!

You knew what a FAMILY was, you knew what FRIENDS were, you enjoyed true LOVE! Every one of us do have a rich legacy of memories, treasure it up, and let us try our level best to imbibe the same or even little possible ones to our kids! Here I go taking in a deeper wiff of hope, let me leave you to go back, to your child hood!

PS: Thanks Padmaja for making me write this, Thanks to those very many pals, Madhuvanthi, Janani, Shakthi, Srivatsan Jagannathan, Aishu, Kavitha, Abi, Krithika, Vaishu, Suju, Usha mam, Gaju mam, Sathya sir, Sankari miss, Kumar sir, Princi mam, Nalini mam and all those teachers, who had filled so much in the above article (Not only filled the article but the pages of my life as well! ) :-) A special mention, to Lalitha mam and Uma mam of JGHV - the T.S.Elliots to me, who very first identified I can write ! How I Wish, they read this piece of mine . . !

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Between the two phases of birth and death, sputters the so called life. And, in this phase, you meet, catch up, people of different types who take you across a varied spectrum of relationships. Once in a while some of us crank up our brains and attempt to understand things like GOD, Prayers, Love Life, its beginning and some crazy crappy known and unknown facts, let us not narrow down so cheaply discussing people!  There are lots of thoughts lingering in my mind struggling with my nerves to give a labour pain so that they are born to the outer world. Some how I managed to get my laptop, start keying in all the damn thoughts that run through my mind, holding on to the craziness, trying to make a coherence and cohesion of what all have come on the screen! Sometimes, it so happens that you would have nothing to say but wanted to say something. Cool, this is something that I face quite often. Let me here write to you how a perfect weekend should be! Let me start from Friday!

"Caution: You are entering a HIGH Imagination Zone, and you shall not step back till you are allowed to"

TGIF is the first word your lips mutter when you wake up on a friday! Having experienced a long week so far, your every tissue begs for a serene resting time that obviously is the weekend! It is a Friday, with the chills in air blowing right across your windowpanes, You shall not think the weather is only the reason for you to be lazy. You are enraptured, seeing a squirrel by your window side, the coconut tree curving its branches to welcome its Breeze lover, the mobile right next to the pillow ringing out softly the voice of your favourite singers! And you remain wondering, gosh why does this not happen during the beginning of the week to get you going. You badly want your loved one by your side, to share the bliss. Alas, the clock just shows 5 -ish in the early morning! Still, you are managing to grab the mobile that had been giving you a sweet music overnight and still unexhausted, ping the number that you wanted to...
"Nee powrnami endrum en Nenjille" You hear Dasettan singing on the other side, its your dedicated caller tune! And there, your rosy lips broaden up! There comes a crazzyy Squishy Hellooo daa.. to which your reply of Love you sweet heart fetches you a "Love you morree". You are feeling that signal transducing all over your nervous tissues, letting out a diastolic pressure in heart!
So, with that start, you get ready for the day! A few minutes' travel has taken you to a Guild of service, where you are helping for the differently abled kids, you are rhapsodic! At your work place, with the same spirit you try and hunt for words to wrap up a report that is unfinished so long but you are not able to!Thanks to your filing, you manage to have a coherence with the previous' week
s report and finish your job! Oh yeah, the weekend has come and two days of time for your own self! Walking back home with a feel of being over the moon, you let the aroma of those cooked stuffs to be sensed at your cuboidal epithilials! The clock's hands has done so much of magic that it looks to you as if it swirled soon taking you to the late evening where the tired sun made its way through the sky to its nestle, letting the moon's rays kiss the lotus! As the moon marks its presence, fills your soul with the radiance, you try to fill the memories of your loved one, you take a road to travel to pop up at a officially personal meeting! Bless you is what your lipps mumble when your mobile screen shows your loved one's picture indicating her/his dialling up you! Back to square one is what you feel, ravished by the voices from the other side. Finally, you get to have private moments with all your loved ones individually. When the most special of all your loved ones, shouts at you, calling you crazy fool, for your trip, to pop up at the place where you are destined to, your heart lets out a silent cry! " I know You wont hear this silent cry. But let me answer you in person if blessed, sooner !" Yes that is your heart speaking to your mind! You see, you are not lonely in the night but the moon accompanies you equally sleepless! Hey you are not qualified to read stars, moons or planets, but you can easily capture them in your eyes and send the vibes that are shared onto words! A shrudder runs through you on the very imagination of spending time with your loved ones. It is the most awaited Day. You hang out with your loved besties, make the event that is supposed be, a simply grader one allowing it to eat only half of the Day! You ping your loved one so that you wanted to meet her/him at their places. You are shocked to witness the complete evacuation of your loved one at the place where your loved one live in. And finally, you are realizing that you had confused the addresses of your loved ones, perfectly and now with a pumping heart, that would even pop out of your mouth, you knock the right doors of your loved one. A minute of stand still, unexpected presence, the guilt of yelling at you, the feel of missing you, every thing, every little thing is been noticed by those two eyes of yours, from your loved one's whole physique! The egos crumble, tempers subside when you hold your hands out to embrace your loved one but before that you realize you are warm, embraced soothingly, with so much passion, and you are in your loved one's arms... Now, with that sheepish smiles on your lips, you slowly, moaning - ly mumble, "Yeah, I am mad - mad on you and hence took this pain staking travel - for this very hug!" Wuff! Words are boycotted - finding no place, but eyes are active speaking to each other . . ! 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Transforming for a Deformation!

So, This piece has its influence from a discussion that happened around the weekend. When everyone is busy “talking” of cultural deterioration, All I Would say is the following.
In this era of transformation every damn thing I say, Yeah, Every Single thing keep changing. The phones getting smarter, human getting duller, the gadgets getting slimmer and humans getting heftier, the outlook, attires and attitude! Yeah, you know, we are “Evolving”. Do the hell with Darwinism – the survival of the fittest! To me, all damn living, so – called Human being is gonna be highly unfit to even have the theory of Natural Selection! Man, you have never cared to be a part of Nature but you have always remained apart from nature. And how the heck do you expect the nature to give you a “Selection” theory! Poor Nature, She is struggling hard to fit herself perfectly somewhere on earth!
We would jolly well love to have all our conversations in English – coz that is the balcony of the world! Oh, now, C’mon, I am not against English! But I am only against those craps who jolly well make fun of their own mother tongues. Our attitude towards culture has gone down. Our attitude towards “Society” has even got vanished! I still remember a statement “Manushya Saamajik Jandhu hai” – Human is a social animal. I remember reading this in my class VI Hindi reader! See the foresight of the author (I guess it to be Madhu Dhawan or Harivamsharai Bachchan – Not sure though!!), (s)he has classified human to be still in animal class! Thanks to the modernization that is the major contributor for the crime rates that touch the sky, corruption has gone to another level that remains undetermined! God forbid, we remain ignorant of what shall happen next! Even the basic moral values seem to be vanished away with our so called swag. We feel ashamed touching the feet of our elders or going to the temple. Instead we will love to visit bars and late night parties. Dresses became more a fashion thingy than a “covered up” thingy!
So, when did this all start? It started when the nation started accepting revenue from certain sectors that brought in cultures that were completely opposite to the Indian ones! And as a child seeing a newer object, people are preyed in! When the victims are abundant, the other culture started adding its flavor to the Indian roots! Slowly, the bond sheets gained more importance than the true bonds of life! In fact, these bloody bond sheets started determining how strong the bonds of relations should be.  
When people are not surrounded by people, Ahankaar araise, a fact of "Swayam" "Seems" to be perfectly right! Self dependency is misunderstood to be Independent and Unquestionable. Definitely Yes, It is with the Parents "too"... had there been an elder, say thaathaa or taati, The kids would have been taught of how to get rid of loneliness, More Easily, in a Positive way!! It was the previous generations of mine that entertained nuclear family!! The initially prouder parents, of both the gender for that matter, realize their pride is false but it is too late for anything to be done. And the victims are yet to realize this, is the saddest part of the story! Had it been a joint family, or at least, elderly people, thatha paati were there, I can definitely say this cultural deterioration WOULD NOT HAVE happened or to those who find it tough to accept, let me re – correct, the possibility of cultural deterioration would have been less!  So irrespective of male or female, the blame is distributed equally! Had the elder generation respected their parents, we would not have a "Sophisticated" senior care center!
While parents try to imbue their children with Indian heritage, values and traditions, Bollywood is increasingly catering to its Diasporas fan base. And second- and third-generation Indians, dressed in tunics and pants called shalwar kameez, a glittery new version of the traditional sari, are also blazing a pop-culture trail. You know what; Kids need not be forced upon following traditions and cultural heritage! Being a “Parent”, I re – emphasize, Parent does not only mean to give birth but also to take part in “growth and development” of the little one, just do your routine things with “that” traditional touch and carry a pleasant smile of satisfaction! Lo and Behold, automatically kids would be attracted to follow the tradition! PS: Coz I am taught of most of the traditional habits like that and I have been adhering to many of the practices strictly even when I had none to watch on!! 
Finally, when "Moral Science" and "Ethics" are started to be considered as a "SUBJECT" in curriculum, the situation of Indian culture and Indian Professionalism is at the verge of Extinction! This is the most pathetic of all!
If I had to talk as a rebel, let me tell in other way, “Western Culture” too is a form a culture. You know what, you could see lot much of good things in the other culture which we must learn and adopt. But what, every package has got its own pros and cons! “Indians” should definitely use the culture strain just before you are letting your “Self” to get diluted and washed away with the newer “Influence”. The reasons for such intense impact are pursuit of wealth and power of Western media. Had the revenues not been there, this would not have happened. Of course, evolving to be a better “professional”(God knows what!) is mandatory. But getting washed away, seems to be a wrong one! It would be enthralling to know that our culture has got a “Spiritual” base on the other hand, the lucrative culture to which we are falling hard for has got a “Materialistic” base. Just think, if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, your valentine is not gotta love you anymore! But our forefathers never knew what that bloody damn day was! Still they lived together for years with a lovely bond of trust and love which was unseen but felt right in their hearts! Despite wishing you’re a valentine, you are destined to meet your valentine at court for a divorce or at park for a break up!
So It is high time that we think independently and understand what is what, trace the roots of our origin, never let our originality fade off or washed away by other thingy cultures! Save tigers, save trees are older campaigns. Let us not host a campaign for Save Indian Culture and Tradition!