Sunday, November 16, 2014

Transforming for a Deformation!

So, This piece has its influence from a discussion that happened around the weekend. When everyone is busy “talking” of cultural deterioration, All I Would say is the following.
In this era of transformation every damn thing I say, Yeah, Every Single thing keep changing. The phones getting smarter, human getting duller, the gadgets getting slimmer and humans getting heftier, the outlook, attires and attitude! Yeah, you know, we are “Evolving”. Do the hell with Darwinism – the survival of the fittest! To me, all damn living, so – called Human being is gonna be highly unfit to even have the theory of Natural Selection! Man, you have never cared to be a part of Nature but you have always remained apart from nature. And how the heck do you expect the nature to give you a “Selection” theory! Poor Nature, She is struggling hard to fit herself perfectly somewhere on earth!
We would jolly well love to have all our conversations in English – coz that is the balcony of the world! Oh, now, C’mon, I am not against English! But I am only against those craps who jolly well make fun of their own mother tongues. Our attitude towards culture has gone down. Our attitude towards “Society” has even got vanished! I still remember a statement “Manushya Saamajik Jandhu hai” – Human is a social animal. I remember reading this in my class VI Hindi reader! See the foresight of the author (I guess it to be Madhu Dhawan or Harivamsharai Bachchan – Not sure though!!), (s)he has classified human to be still in animal class! Thanks to the modernization that is the major contributor for the crime rates that touch the sky, corruption has gone to another level that remains undetermined! God forbid, we remain ignorant of what shall happen next! Even the basic moral values seem to be vanished away with our so called swag. We feel ashamed touching the feet of our elders or going to the temple. Instead we will love to visit bars and late night parties. Dresses became more a fashion thingy than a “covered up” thingy!
So, when did this all start? It started when the nation started accepting revenue from certain sectors that brought in cultures that were completely opposite to the Indian ones! And as a child seeing a newer object, people are preyed in! When the victims are abundant, the other culture started adding its flavor to the Indian roots! Slowly, the bond sheets gained more importance than the true bonds of life! In fact, these bloody bond sheets started determining how strong the bonds of relations should be.  
When people are not surrounded by people, Ahankaar araise, a fact of "Swayam" "Seems" to be perfectly right! Self dependency is misunderstood to be Independent and Unquestionable. Definitely Yes, It is with the Parents "too"... had there been an elder, say thaathaa or taati, The kids would have been taught of how to get rid of loneliness, More Easily, in a Positive way!! It was the previous generations of mine that entertained nuclear family!! The initially prouder parents, of both the gender for that matter, realize their pride is false but it is too late for anything to be done. And the victims are yet to realize this, is the saddest part of the story! Had it been a joint family, or at least, elderly people, thatha paati were there, I can definitely say this cultural deterioration WOULD NOT HAVE happened or to those who find it tough to accept, let me re – correct, the possibility of cultural deterioration would have been less!  So irrespective of male or female, the blame is distributed equally! Had the elder generation respected their parents, we would not have a "Sophisticated" senior care center!
While parents try to imbue their children with Indian heritage, values and traditions, Bollywood is increasingly catering to its Diasporas fan base. And second- and third-generation Indians, dressed in tunics and pants called shalwar kameez, a glittery new version of the traditional sari, are also blazing a pop-culture trail. You know what; Kids need not be forced upon following traditions and cultural heritage! Being a “Parent”, I re – emphasize, Parent does not only mean to give birth but also to take part in “growth and development” of the little one, just do your routine things with “that” traditional touch and carry a pleasant smile of satisfaction! Lo and Behold, automatically kids would be attracted to follow the tradition! PS: Coz I am taught of most of the traditional habits like that and I have been adhering to many of the practices strictly even when I had none to watch on!! 
Finally, when "Moral Science" and "Ethics" are started to be considered as a "SUBJECT" in curriculum, the situation of Indian culture and Indian Professionalism is at the verge of Extinction! This is the most pathetic of all!
If I had to talk as a rebel, let me tell in other way, “Western Culture” too is a form a culture. You know what, you could see lot much of good things in the other culture which we must learn and adopt. But what, every package has got its own pros and cons! “Indians” should definitely use the culture strain just before you are letting your “Self” to get diluted and washed away with the newer “Influence”. The reasons for such intense impact are pursuit of wealth and power of Western media. Had the revenues not been there, this would not have happened. Of course, evolving to be a better “professional”(God knows what!) is mandatory. But getting washed away, seems to be a wrong one! It would be enthralling to know that our culture has got a “Spiritual” base on the other hand, the lucrative culture to which we are falling hard for has got a “Materialistic” base. Just think, if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, your valentine is not gotta love you anymore! But our forefathers never knew what that bloody damn day was! Still they lived together for years with a lovely bond of trust and love which was unseen but felt right in their hearts! Despite wishing you’re a valentine, you are destined to meet your valentine at court for a divorce or at park for a break up!
So It is high time that we think independently and understand what is what, trace the roots of our origin, never let our originality fade off or washed away by other thingy cultures! Save tigers, save trees are older campaigns. Let us not host a campaign for Save Indian Culture and Tradition!