Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random Happenings :-)

Place : CMBT. 
BUS 114. (MTC / Volvo) 
Route : Redhills to Tambram
Passenger : Perungalathoor poguma?? 
Driver: No, Tambram thaan.
P: Why you in white dress, not in KHAKI?
D: Our uniform. And, this wont go to Perungalathoor. Behind is the bus, 570S. Get into that, please.
P: No, no, no! I will come in this bus only. Drop (!!!) me at Tambram..
The Startled driver gives bewildering expression. The passenger and his wife gets in, makes their way to the empty seats.
Conductor( after a brief work at the counter comes to the bus and whistles) tickets?
P: Tambram 2
(driver explains to the conductor)
C to P: when you have a straight bus, why...
P: No, I 'like' this driver he won't make any accidents thinking of the world cup. Also good, old songs only this driver plays.. So he 'good '!
Radio in the bus : Ange Yehn intha paarvai, aiyyayayya grin emoticon

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Death - the HARSH Reality of Life

There are few incidents which I faced in life, taught me, what life can be / what life is/ What is life full of, probably! To cite a very few, the loss of my Guru, Mr.(Late). Kalluvidan Sir,  the loss of my beloved soul savior - my uncle - Dr.(Late) N.S.Hariharan and above all, the loss of a my world, should I say; my soul - My Friendly foe - My loving Brother . . 

I sat aloof lost in oblivion, looked at the sky, called the "god" for JUSTIFICATION! I fell ill all of a sudden, went to the hospital, found my physiology or anatomy functioning perfectly! But, I understood, not every disease is due to the malfunctioning of anatomies and physiologies, organs and organ systems! 

These losses have taught me a lot of things. These losses keep me developing into a completely new human being. 

Death has taught me, there is nothing so far, called, Permanent ! Nothing including the land, water (If u have read the stories about Nepal Earth Quake), You and Me ! Yes, the element of "Surety" turns out to be the element of uncertainty. Yes, I spoke to all my beloved ones, mentioned afore, the previous night or just an hour before they kicked their buckets! And, the "last" stuff these people gave me, was MEMORIES - memories that never can fade.

Cherish every moment in life and they turn to be the greatest treasure which never shall change.

Value the time spent with loved ones, for time is the costliest thing that no matter how rich you are, you can 
not have, it back. Time once spent/gone is forever!

Try to see the good in others and stop brooding over - stop COMPLAINING ! What do you carry and why, when inconsistency is the ONLY proven fact - why to prove some one wrong and hold on to grudges?

Learn to move on! Life does not stand still for you, neither does time! The death of your beloved ones is definitely a pain to you but for a third person it is just a news! Do not feed others with your sorrows. Better, you first get rid of the sorrows. Only the physique of your beloved is snatched or plucked "Mercilessly" whilst the legacy in the form of memories, good deeds and responsibilities are still here, existing, on earth, for you and me to feel our beloved one! 

I am still in my harder times, understanding very well, that, hard times are always toughest! In that case, More hard times are more toughest ! ! ! Still, I have/am bestowed with responsibilities of my lost dears, for which I have to collect myself and stand strong ! 

I kept questioning constantly "why me?", thanks to the spiritual searches and a couple of my beloved folks, my "Why me" phase got over and I realized Death is NOT A PUNISHMENT (Always) . Life is about learning. I learnt many small things which shaped my perception and my life changed.

Share a loud laugh, shed a tear, Get a hug, Cuddle with passion, forget enmity, give ur shoulders for some one to rest, embrace without hatred !

Life is short, you know well! Life is uncertain and full of challenges for you to face! 

Lots of Love, 

Riya :-) 

PS:: Let me confess, despite all these "learning / why me / memory treasure" etc., I do sob or transform into a bundle of emotions, thinking of the LOST souls, hunting for a shoulder to embrace me and console me and Every time I do not find one, as well! This confession is to state " I am ALSO A HUMAN BEING!"

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Mobile --- Bathiram --- Mobile

“Idiot are you hearing me ?” Oh this Yell turns to vain coz this guy is busy in instant text messaging.. “Beti ye sare saman lekhe aana” “Are aapki beti ithni silent hai?” “Oh the fullform of feminity, bent heads” Oh no Please don’t misunderstand, it is just that, the girls have a 3G connection and a whats app or the hike facility in their mobile. It is too hard to find out a person on road, without a mobile phone ! Such is the impact of cellular technology in the contemporary period. We had always thought what would happen if mobiles were not invented, how a day would be without a mobile, what if mobiles do not need electrical charges and all that. Here is a funny crazy creepy idiotic imagination of what would happen if the mobile phones had life.
It is about 7.00 am in the morning.  Somewhere, “Riya Wake up, Riya Wake up!” call comes. I twist, twitch and turn, realizing that I am under my quilts. Slowly, fetching my mobile, I try to activate the snooze options. And, the alarm is put to rest, for the first time. In another three minutes time, my cellular phone beeps again and the snooze drama continues.
For the fifth time, when I am about to snooze, *Crunch* my fore finger is hurt. Shocked, I wake up and realize the evil grin on my mobile phone. Blinking the shrinking eyes, I look again. Yeah that is my mobile, having life, with an evil grin!
“You will know how I am going to treat you, today, for today is my day” says my mobile. “And, you can not say to any one, that I can talk or bite you!”, it continues in a husky voice! Shocked, I plan to leave the mobile in its place, switching off. But shucks, It does not get switched off!
I get ready to rush, push and hush! By the time I refresh and get ready for the day, the crazy mobile, crunches into the cable wires. When questioned, SHE (the mobile, and from on the mobile is in feministic gender! ) replies that she is hungry and hence she nibbles the wires so as to “charge” herself up! I recall, how many times, I have drained her battery and kept her connected to the plug points always. Sad, Father Time, you know !
From now on, the trouble starts! Every time, when I get a call, I tend to answer and she lets me to do that! And, my incoming call frequency is so high that, I have to answer, officially, personally and all ly calls, kind of, continuously! But the catch that she keeps for me is, I cannot speak over her, for more than two minutes! If I do so, She gets, HOT and BITES my ear lobes! Such a lovely damsel she turns out to be! :-P ;-) Yeah, any call, NOT MORE than two minutes!
In the mid of the day, when I am at the tea club, I receive a call from my beloved, and I try to answer it! Oh my, she changes the ringtones that I had personalized and yells out a very nasty ring tone that I am now the laughing stock for my colleagues! Whilst I am answering the call, she lets out hasty squishy noises after her two minutes that all of a sudden, everybody gazes at me and I am embarrassed!
Every time when my what’s app buzzes “hey buddy, what is up?”, She gets too weird that she starts draining all the available 3G signals, either on the mobile or off the mobile ! Clearly confusing, right ? Yeah, She receives all the 3G signals in the surroundings and supplies to me, leaving both me and my Network operator systems confusing or she works strictly as if she is in a Jammer Zone! Ensuring, that my connectivity is Balanced on an average!
She gulps in now all the contact number stored in her and leaves me clueless now! Any number that is flashed in her screen is identified as unknown number ! Now, as I do not know my wife’s and girl friend’s number by heart, I have to wait, think and analyze before I send any text to any of these two people! Else, I would definitely be in soup! ! !
Every time, when I touch her, I am treated well! A bite, a punch or sometimes a lick ! Come on, please do not understand it to be so sensual! Every verbal deed mentioned above, is a form of allegations and not sensual supports!!! Every time when I try to punch in the number to be contacted, I get a punch on my face, as how, In the same shear, I punched the numbers in the dial pad!
During some emergency calls, she goes phut and dead! When I am vexed of her behavior and throw her aside, she works in full swing and is accessible to every body else ! A day, one full day, of 24 hours, My mobile has treated me as how I have been treating her, so far. The urge that I did to her, the intensity of work load that I gave to her, the way how I ill treated her, every thing, was done back to me, by my mobile.
. . .
That was a small imagination, of how mobile abuse would revert to us, if mobiles had a chance to! And, yeah I can hear you, let me give in! I am a constant and a very fast user of mobile, that I exploit the mobile to its fullest extent! Face book whats app, we chat, tang, viber, games, google, music player, video player, cameras, albums, calls, many thing and everything that could be done on mobiles, I do every day ! And I hope, that’s why I might dream like this ! ! !

PS:: Why mobile Is personalized to SHE is that, sometimes back I read some lyrics comparing River and Females, “ Nadhi Karai Thaandi vittaal, Kaadum kadalum Kollathu – Pennum padi thaandivittal Naadum veedum thaangathu “ Yeah Now mobile and female are the same. When their tempers are aggravated, the others are left mortified! ! !