Monday, November 24, 2014

Fossilized Memoris

Every one of us will be abusing our childhood days for leaving us faaaarrr faaarrr behind. The childhood has become the rich legacy of memories to us. Some times we succeed in having a throw back, in this phlegmatic life, bring back those memories to have a nostalgia. Nostalgia is the only possible solution, when you have full tight works that had exhausted your poor little brain and the fatigue brain treads back to the tread of old memories cherished deep down your secret orchid, flowering the memoris up, and inhaling the sweet smell, realizing the good contained in it!
The lovely wake up call of Amma slowly turning out a a wake up yell, when your dadda coming in to give u a wake up kiss, you pull him next to you and hug him tight and get back to sleep! Finally, you give in to the wake up call turned yell, finding your Amma in the holy sacred room called kitchen, doing something or the other but definitely an aromatic foodie stuff. Like a cat, you slowly get behind her, give her a puppy hug and get scoldings for diluting her piousness ! 
Hunting for socks and shoes, fetching the hard pressed uniforms from the wardrobe, counting on days for the next color dress wears, double checking to confirm that those home works were really finished, thinking that your mathematics teacher or even the geography teacher should be absent, praying that your P.E.T Teacher never falls sick during weekdays! Wow!
Catching hold of the Bike's (Cycle's) handle bar, Pedalling as fast as you could, reaching the school main gate, realizing that the watch man is trying to close the gate, the first bell to the "Assembly" rings ! Trrrinnngggg! And, you give those attractive smiles of yours and a jolly cool namaste to the watch man, that he halts for a moment to wish you back and you creep through the lil gap, with all your shoulder bag weighing heavy, pushing that sport cycle of yours! Parking it possibly at the interiors to make an impression that you had arrived a little earlier, you rush to any of the ground floor classrooms, throw your bag and of course the LUNCH Bag too, join the assembly line with your class mates and there you are - a goodie woodie gurl!The head girl, smiling back states that you are included in the assembly attendance! Finally as you reach the ground, the sweats of bicycling down, vanishes with the fresh breeze that the yellow flowered tree sends to you, you smile with gratitude and a great motherly love at the inflorescence seen at the top most branch of the tree!
School Stand at Ease ! :-) School Attenntionnn ! As keyed robots, you act to the decree of the school pupil leader, you join singing those lengthy prayer songs, with semi closed eyes, you hear news being read out in different languages, thoughts for the week, thoughts for the day and all those! simultaneously, your mind's thought for the moment would be the worries about your lunch bag that you kept in an alien classroom! The head girl, being so sincere mite even find you talking to some one else in the next row, noting down your name to be written on the Big Black Board for an imposition! Once all the sequential Assembly events are over, you repeat the INDIAN Pledge, with your hands on your chest following the SPL, and finally there the SPL Commands : Class attendance! The head girls or even boys, start, VI A - boys present 21 Girls Present 23.. finally ending up, XII C - Boys Present 9 - Girls present 6! The Maha Manthra is chanted, Hare Raama Hare Raama Raama Raama Hare Hare - and the assembly is dispersed! Clap clap clap, clap clap clap C.L.A.P, C.L.A.P C.L.A.P!
At the class you realise that you have the most beautiful friends around who are (now) responsible for the eidetic memories of yours! You sit listen to the class, sleep during the class get caught for talking, do all possible mischiefs on earth, in those four walled class rooms . . . Monday & Wednesday Evening Drills - you just go there for the sake of playing a match with your seniors or to see some of your buddies running around the ground! The Tuesday Special Classes a Preferred to be missed one - though in vain,, Thursday & Saturday Co curricular activities - that bring in all the abhinayas to ur face - coz you are "classically" a dancer (Lol) and the most awaited Friday Evenings for Bhajans! :-) Though you are not so damn religious about Bhajans, you step in to the holy room, just for the sake of watching your beloved buddies "Performing" and definitely for the "Maha Naivedhya Prasadam - The Yummy Sundals"... Thud thud thud - those tender hands of your frens dance precisely on the percussion membranophones, those sweet and bass voices sounding "Radha Rasikka Vara Raasa Vihaara . . . "! You are so jolly well enjoying the 45 minutes of Ravishing feast, either a lead voice or the take over - never mind, you are sounding ! 
Those geography exams, the curvy lines on a paper and You call it maps, the borders make no sense to you, the english grammar of Is - Was - Were - Had been - Blah blah blah! Walking along the corridors with fingers on your lips is the only moment when you know what Silence is! Those moments when you hear your name being called out in Mic - It mite even be for any naughty deed of yours too - You feel you are the Queen! Finally at the end of the day, the long bell rings, you grab your satchel, rush to the ground, creak open your bicycle locks, grab them, make your way out of the grand grill gate, turn back with a content that you are now out of the big compound for the day and can jolly well have your get together with your friends at the street corners! 
And How can you miss those annual days and the science project feasts! The Sanskrit classes and the Sanskrit Dramas, Wow, Watching few of your seniors performing - talking - Sanskrit, and that moment you fall hard for sanskrit! Those Sporting moment of inter school chess competition, those personality development camps at thenangoor - thekkadi or wherever! Those gleaming moments of pride when Your school wins over the sister concern ! Those project moments and exhibitions, the "Raksha Bandhan" celebrated during independence days . . ! No holidays for a government festive, when every child in your gated community have a leave, you frown so deeply and go to school and when your amma and dadda try hard to apply for a RH, you happily sit back and enjoy the Traditional festive with your granny!
The fight for window's seat, those colorful sketch pens, the fluorescent coloured one especially, the charts that you are pasting all over the walls, the aural - oral completions, holiday home works, The UNO times with your sibling, Kane and Undertaker, those cricket times when Sachin bats, you never knew slanting or sleeping line but the joy of watching Sachin playing, Next day going to school and talking 'bot it! (Sachinism needs a separate write up though!)

Oh My God! And Now, How I wish God got a reverse button, taking me back to the good old days! Google God was so costly to approach those days and all you would have to do is go to the library or watch DD channels! And, JGHV abbreviated as Jaigopal Garodia Hindu Vidhyalaya - has played so much part in my life History! I should specially mention, those value additions that it taught me, has made me a NEAR COMPLETE individual!

You knew what a FAMILY was, you knew what FRIENDS were, you enjoyed true LOVE! Every one of us do have a rich legacy of memories, treasure it up, and let us try our level best to imbibe the same or even little possible ones to our kids! Here I go taking in a deeper wiff of hope, let me leave you to go back, to your child hood!

PS: Thanks Padmaja for making me write this, Thanks to those very many pals, Madhuvanthi, Janani, Shakthi, Srivatsan Jagannathan, Aishu, Kavitha, Abi, Krithika, Vaishu, Suju, Usha mam, Gaju mam, Sathya sir, Sankari miss, Kumar sir, Princi mam, Nalini mam and all those teachers, who had filled so much in the above article (Not only filled the article but the pages of my life as well! ) :-) A special mention, to Lalitha mam and Uma mam of JGHV - the T.S.Elliots to me, who very first identified I can write ! How I Wish, they read this piece of mine . . !