Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Girl to Woman . . . ! - 2

Yeah , finally the hunting came to an end, for my parents with this "Agmark Chamathu Payyan". Oh, I should also tell you how interesting the "bride-seeing-casual-event" went about! 
It was an October weekend to prepare for the Halloween. Knowing about my atrocity nature, my parents announced about the event, a little while before the entry of Hero's family.  Getting dressed up in all trad wears, I warned my parents that I am not attending any interviews for Wife positions. 
(I should confess here few things! Point of priority, My inlaws happened to be very jovial dudes. No interviews. The so called ceremony turned out to be an initial stage of get - together! Point of Pride:: Finally, one time - for the first and last, I am satisfied that my parents were afraid of me and my performances. Yo, until M.Tech, neither my academic nor my professional performances could succeed infringing fear in their heart!!) 
Like an actor's dialogue in a movie, "It was like an one day cricket match", the wedding engagement got fixed in less than a week! But, was there anyone to think of me ? Goddammit ! All I was worried about - "The Good Boy" labelled guy. The guy seemed to be calm, composed, shy, too - not  - social, patient, reserved - Okay, to put it perfect, he looked an "exact opposite" of me. Whatever I had a little in reserve, he had reserved it for himself. (This is what is called future planning??) Both the bride and groom to be, approved each other without seeing each other in person. (Thanks owed to Skype and Whatsapp - T - Mobiles and Airtel, India)
These traits of the "husband to be" attracted a lot of kiths and kins to become Socrates and offer advices to me. My organ called brain, finally started working, irritated by the list of instructions that it received from "n" number of biotic factors, in the environment. At one point, the neurons got cranky that they stopped sending instructions to each other! 
So, the first question, that ran in my mind was, Should I change ? If yes, then all WH questions. As i mentioned earlier, the first thing is my language. Then, what else ? I started searching - a self analysis - a search within self , to see if I would score a pass mark as a good "daughter in law" to the new family, What if, I am stamped talkative ? Come on, peeps! I never knew what on earth silence means. And, being naughty is my birthright. Should this promotion of Miss to Mistress, snatch my birthright? And, I - a self obsessed - naughty - never - give - up - crazy girl, should let it happen ? How do I get to know about this calm - composed - good boy? First of all, How can a person be calm and chamathu? (When it never works for me, it should work for none, is the logic!!)
So the transition phase ( Transition of Whom to what, you readers, will know in the subsequent posts) began ! ! !
The first and foremost point that hit the list was, me getting up early ! ! I never knew what "Early" meant! Yeah, I was more a nocturnal than an early bird. So, the game began!

***** To be Continued *******