Saturday, November 19, 2016

Musings - 2

I am stammering what to tell about her. I believed I knew her. She was like me, in a way. She had a naïve heart. She used to give a ray of hope to whom ever she met. She made the people smile and gave a bit of care that originated from her. She gave away her little heart as pieces to every one. She thought, she might be given back that heart to complete her when she needed it. Poor her, she was only hurt, as people never used to stay. They left. Sooner or later, they all left her to solitude. She was not asking them to give back hers. She quietly watched them moving away. No one, even bothered to say a good bye or return her thing. Her heart pieces, wherever or with whomever it was, never let them feel alone. People shared their pain to the pieces. Every bit of hers, healed people. Every beat of hers, made people smile. They cried their hearts out to the little pieces, which she believed to have imprinted her name. the tears washed all the alphabets away. And slowly, the pieces were thrown away. Yeah , she was graceful to tear apart her heart into pieces. But now, she is heartless. She forgot to keep one piece for herself. She ended up just to be a heartless body. Those who thought would complete her in a later period of time, never made it. There she waits, for some one to kill her.