Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nostalgia #1

When you isolate yourself from the chaos of the external word, try to see deep – deeeeppp with in, you will find out, the four years of life, You as a Grad School Gurl, had filled so much – Sssoooo mmuucchh – in the pages of your life! Let me call it a throwback session or whatever! Every time, when you think of the fun filled grad life, Oh my, you are left with mixed emotions!
I can’t just believe, yeah, I seriously cannot! It is this long! Say, ‘bout four years since I stepped out of the heaven, where I dwelled for four years, I should say, on and off( that includes my on duties, sick leaves and all that ! ) 

To me, personally, it looks, weird! Weird of being out of the nidus that nestled me, had cuddled me up for FOUR FULL YEARS – A eight semesters’ stay at the department of Biotechnology of K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology! Whew, how I wish I reversed the clock re-lived some of the “bestest” moments there! Loads of pleasant memories, lots of Scolding and issues (of course, for my mischief!), tons of leave availed (for my ill health!), A score of mini projects, a double score of conferences and prizes, heaps of assignments (U can’t skip them buddies!), tons of internals (and retests too!), dozens of symposiums and guest lecture for compeering!

Inspite of so much of time that has passed though, I still freshly remember the first day, when, I stepped into the college, to meet the department facilities, with the gleam of pride, entering to the department, meeting, the then Director of Biotechnology, Dr.Kannan! AyyoH ! He was a man of about 60+ years YOUNG, I should definitely mention! With that soft smile, welcoming me, he started talking of my love – BIOTECHNOLOGY! A thrilling experience, I must say, getting introduced to the staff members, via the Director! Kwel, I felt jolly good!

Some people were really glued to my mind, during the ice breaking session, A special note must be for Prof. Dr.Punieetha Ma’m and AsP.Mohan.G., introduced to me as the senior people! Fingers crossed for attending their sessions; sheepishly I smiled back to both of them! Taking me across the lab facilities, astoundingly, I made my mind that, then, I gonna be a graduate student here, at that premises!

You would have never noted that institution earlier, but when you were put in that School of Biotechnology, from that minute, that second, milli second or even micro nano second, you will feel that, you are a part and parcel of this School of Biotechnology! So did I, jolly well, felt the same feeling of ownership and pride, (not in a literal sense though ;-))

I understood I was about to enter into a campus full of people with whom me gonna dwell for the next 4 years in life, a life filled with schools of thoughts and researches, I knew, I mite even blotch up or prune myself for a fabulous life! Though things were planned, preplanned, perfectly planned, the tingling feel in your stomach is what you can not resist!

So much of people were there, who bore my crazy naughtiness, who were patient enough to mould me, who sometimes even went red on me for tensing them up on a real high note, still, I felt loved when I was with these people. Never did I feel, I was away from home or whatever!
Facebooking was little new, Orkutting was chill to do, scrapped people, group SMS, the rate cutters and boosters to share an entire LESSON’s details over a SMS,  the random catch ups, the conference friends, the batch mates, college mates, the hostel roomies! Whew!!! Thank god that all these existed, but for them life would have been little tough!

Know what, to me life was simply superb many a times, a flawless flop some other times, without very many of the mentioned above. I randomly met people, became friends with, clashed for no reasons, faced few crushes, few more applications, very few true friendships and many times, got caught for being naughtiest of the naughtiest, doing craziest of the craziest things!

... to be continued....