Saturday, January 24, 2015

How does it seem to be away from parents? #1

Yeah, I know, you have read it perfectly right ! It is almost an year plus a month of managing the show independently self dependant - Hell with your memories that recall my mother's visit to my 'room' a.k.a. home!!!

A 'baby girl' with all guts and courage put away from home, listen to the heart speaking, sharing and of course, some times, bleeding :-) 

The day can never start so awesome, if it is not a yell call from ur dad for sleeping so long, literally, till 8 ish and here, please beware, you have to punch in, officially by 9.15 am. Staying single, is a blessing, coz, you got nothing to do, yeah, wake up, refresh, wash yourself clean, grab the box that your mess aunty had kept at your door step and rush to office! The hair dries on the way from room to office, so never mind! Any how, you are under cover, with scarfs and all that, so no body gonna see how beautiful your face is! Of course, after a short refreshing session - the face washes, hair trims and all that, you can have breakfast at your cabin! Again, please beware, you must finish getting ready, before your reporting authority or any body else, comes in.

It is indeed irritating to commute amidst the high traffics and the roads are blocked for every damn reason, metro constructions, one ways, school zones, road works and every damn ! It is as if the "sorry, work in progress" board is more like a magical fairy, or something that can conjure the people to take diversion, making a fifteen minutes travel - extend up ten times more ! When you keep wondering what is so crippling about the Chennai roads being flooded with vehicles of all possible models, you are now allowed to take on call on which to chose for your commuting! A share auto, A white board bus, A green/blue board bus. a Deluxe floor bus or a volvo A.C. And now, all these commuting rathas will be fully loaded :-) The greatest challenge lies in clinging on to the foot board atleast, in the bus or the Back doors of those share autos or the conductor seats in volvos :-) Every signal shows a red alarm, whenever you are about to pass by, and having struggled all the way from your home to office after solving those " tender exact change please", "it is twenty five since this morning" , "Extra twenty upon meter madam", "Go inside -------(sorry censored senthamizh of singara Chennai) you rush and reach the work place, ek dham solid !

Names, boss, manager and all those corp tags became so familiar now that madam, sir, akka, blah blah sounds Greek and Latin. Never mind of the age, for there is a Chinese proverb that says, all are equal in age ! Yes, you might as well experience your heart popping out our your mouth, when you find that client with whom you had been conversing, is seriously older elder or big or what ever than your father and you had been addressing him just with his name! There are few new comers with you, there, the theorem works out fantastically, strangers put in new place together at the same time, tends to be thick friends! The intensity of the thickness depends on the languages commonly known! Yea, so the friend making story gets little better here!

Thanks to the Cafe Coffee day's replica, the brewing machine, and those holy pious white bags with tea dust, you remain energetic through out ! Now, its mandetory for you to be aware of,  the vending machine operator looks u as an alien only when you ask a third glass of milk for the day, but smiles fleetingly for every cup of hot water once in an hour too !

Fine, when you realise that our small intestine is about to be devoured by the large intestines, you ought to definitely rush to the cafeteria and find those limited subsided meals, in those big plates, without any choices left, you are supposed to fill in the growling tummy! Else, it is a catastrophe; for, the confectioners right in front of your gate, shall know nothing but placing one cucumber slice, semi chopped tomato, scoop of cheese and sprinkled salt in between two king sized bread pieces and name it - Sandwich! A point to add, this costs really 20 minutes of your precious precious time, 40 bucks from your wallet and if some of your colleague catch up on the way spotting you with the cover, then you are their side dish ! 

 . . . TO BE CONTINUED . . .